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Bambi Lake life

ROSCOMMON, MI – “Bambi Lake Life” is more than a catchy tagline, it’s an attitude, a mindset. It describes the spiritual impact encountered at Bambi Retreat and Conference Center. “Bambi Lake Life” is about God-Life and transformed hearts. It’s about experiencing God for the first time. It’s about deepening our relationship with Him and refreshing our souls. It’s about drinking from the Fountain of Life and overflowing into the world surrounding us everyday!

2018 has been a fantastic year at Bambi Lake, full of new ideas and new faces. It has been a year of new building and renovation for the future. We celebrate an amazing year of life-changing retreats and camps resulting in dozens of salvations and recommitments to follow Christ. We were excited to host many first-time Bambi Lake guests who enjoyed the amenities and refreshing atmosphere of the property. This year witnessed the building of church group and family friendly cabins in the campground along with a renovated and updated bath-house for the convenience of our campers. The lakefront swimming area became home to the Bambi Booyah!, a 140 foot high water thrill slide.

With the help of many servant teams from churches all over Michigan, and even out-of-state, we were able to accomplish many Bambi Lake enhancement projects. From fresh coats of paint, to cleaning, roofing, log splitting, brush clean-up, tree cutting, mulching and many other tasks, servant teams made a visible impact on the beauty of Bambi Lake. A beautiful impact enjoyed by every guest who enters our property. With the addition of new full-time volunteers, Bambi Lake will be able to properly maintain the beautifications and upgrades. Bambi Lake is a resource every church in the Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM) can be proud to use and promote. Nevertheless, although 2018 was a great year for Bambi Lake, we are just getting started!

BSCM churches - Bambi Lake Retreat and Conference Center is your camp. It’s “Your Camp, Your Legacy!” Looking ahead to 2019 Bambi Lake is poised to have it’s best year yet with the addition of events such as Couples Retreats, a Pastor/Spouse Retreat, Tween Retreat, Parent/Teen Weekend, Sportsman's’ Retreat, Worship and Youth Leader Retreat, exciting Summer Camps and numerous other events for all ages. Bambi Lake is offering a cornucopia of resources and equipping experiences to the churches of Michigan. No matter the size there is an event to enrich the body of Christ in Michigan.

Over the last five years only 10-12% of the approximately 300 churches in the BSCM have actually participated in an event at Bambi Lake. Our goal in 2019 is to move that number to 20%. This 10% increase would greatly assist Bambi Lake and its future impact for the Kingdom. We are actively striving to be a “Tool” in the ministry tool box of every church in the BSCM. At Bambi Lake we will continue to manage and upgrade our facilities and grounds for the benefit of our guests. We will continue to provide the best guest experience by serving with humble hearts gracious hospitality. We will continue to host quality, focused camps and retreats to equip, encourage and empower the local church.

Michigan, its “Your Camp, Your Legacy!” Let’s make it magnificent! Bambi Lake is excited to serve the churches of the BSCM as together we “Punch Holes in the Darkness” for the Kingdom of Heaven!

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Mick Schatz serves on the staff of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan. He is the State Director of Spiritual Enrichment and Retreats and lives at Bambi Lake.


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