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Accelerate gospel movement

PLYMOUTH – “Accelerate Gospel movement,” are three words worth remembering! With 10 million Michiganders surrounding us and an estimated 6 million unaware of the Gospel’s meaning, wouldn’t it be amazing to see each church take their next step to, “Accelerate Gospel movement?” Imagine thousands of Michigan Baptists watching and listening for that split-second, green flag or green light moment, when each person could start a conversation in which they could “accelerate Gospel movement.”


Here are a few possible examples that could happen:

  • A Christian career woman who hears another woman at work openly regretting recent decisions in her life, invites her coworker out to lunch patiently listening then concluding the discussion with an invitation to her coworker to join a weeknight Bible study with friends, stating, “Each week, my Bible study group friends and I use our midweek visits to reset our lives by learning from the Lord. I would enjoy having you sit beside me if you would come?”

  • Three businessmen in one church decide to host a conference, within their city, for all business owners. The conference’s agenda could start with practical solutions for running a company, but could end with each of the three businessmen sharing their spiritual testimonies during a catered lunch. The hosts could invite the business owners into a biweekly Bible study and prayer time to learn more about how following the Lord gives wisdom to life and business.

  • Pastors and church leaders in a region, as a team, might decide to engage each of their communities with acts of kindness and assistance, followed by a well-planned weekend gathering in a large, local venue with musical guests, and keynote speakers who will share the Gospel with the region’s residents. Each participating church could follow-up on those making decisions for the Lord or requesting more conversations.


Bring Everyone to Evangelism Training


Evangelism Training for Everyone by the North American Mission Board

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

10:30 am – 1:30 pm


Warren Woods Baptist Church

14251 Twelve Mile Road

Warren, Michigan 48088


Spanish and English Training


The training kit comes with a variety of useful tools:

  1. A training guide so you can train frequently in your church throughout the years.

  2. A resource catalog so you can order precisely what you need.

  3. A USB flash drive with videos and resources that you can use as promotional and training materials customized for your church.

  4. A keychain to remind participants of the importance of praying over the ministry of evangelism.

  5. Encouraging cards that can be posted on a wooden stand to inspire faithfulness.


All of these materials and the training plan will help you create and sustain a culture of evangelism within your church. The training guide, personal assessment, road map, and resource catalog will help you tailor a robust training experience specifically focused on your church members, those around you who need the Lord, and the rhythm of your community. The possibilities are endless. I will be there on May 21, and I would love to see you in the room with us. By the way, the catered lunch will be our gift to you. Please register yourself and those who will join you as soon as possible.





Dr. Tony L. Lynn is the Send Network Director for Michigan and the Language/Ethnic Church Planting Catalyst. Before coming on staff at the BSCM, Tony served as a lead pastor in Michigan churches and as an international missionary, along with his wife Jamie, in the Niger Republic, France, and Canada. 


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