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  1. Everyone identifies with stories so be sure you are telling a story.

  2. Check your grammar and spelling.

  3. Describe emotions and personal thoughts.

  4. Limit the article to 500-600 words.

  5. Pictures should create interest. Submit separately. Remember landscape pictures of things and events. Individuals and two or three persons can be vertical. Ensure the quality is the best possible.

  6. Articles must be submitted by the 5th of each month for next month’s publication.

  7. Submitting an article does not guarantee it will be posted.

  8. We reserve the right to edit each article.

  9. Provide a brief bio of the author. Please include the following:

    • Name as you wish it to appear

    • Location of the story and/or the writer

    • Name of church and/or association / organization

    • Position at the church and/or association / organization

    • Any recent notable positions in ministry or as related to article content.  (We want to establish that articles are being written by people with experience and/or expertise in the subject matter whenever possible.)

    • A recent photo if available.



Please submit all articles and photos by email – click here.

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