Who's pastoring the pastors?

MIDDLEBELT, MI – “We prayed that God would take us off the sidelines and put us in the game, and that was like a crazy prayer.” That’s how Carmen Johnson describes the decision she and her husband Larry made to go into ministry. Before the Johnson’s even moved to Louisville to go to Southern Seminary, the trials began.

They experienced the loss of parents, their daughter had to undergo a series of surgeries, and Carmen began battling health issues. Larry says, “I just wondered, ‘God, what’s going on? What’s going on?”

Three years ago, Larry was called to Middlebelt Baptist Church back in Michigan when the church had begun to experience a downturn. Since then, the church has begun to turnaround, and to see young people return. But despite the blessings at the church, there have still been personal trials as Carmen’s physical challenges have continued.

Ministering to Michigan pastors is an important way that the Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM) helps strengthen churches. BSCM State Director of Evangelism, Mike Durbin, says, “ Sometimes people think that because pastors are pastors, life doesn’t happen to them, but it does.”

When you give to the Frances Brown State Mission Offering, you are helping our BSCM staff minister to our Michigan pastors and churches. To hear more about Middlebelt Baptist Church, watch the rest of the story below.



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