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What are you doing in Nana’s chair?

by Sue Hodnett

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – I peeked around the corner to make sure Logan was still playing safely as I prepared his lunch. He had moved off his play mat and was sheepishly sitting in my comfy gliding chair. I refrain from calling it a “rocking chair”, you know the stereotyping tends to age you. “What are you doing in my chair!”, I shouted in my playful nana voice. Logan’s giggles were priceless and the “nana tickle monster” craved to hear more of those giggles.

This little game got me thinking about my own grandparents and their “chairs”! Each of my four grandparents had their own chair that I can describe to you in full detail, I can still picture its placement in the room. For me it would have been a “serious offense” to sit in their “chair”. You only made that mistake once and believe me there were no giggles.

Oh, my how times have changed. Even in ministry there was a time when it felt very awkward or frightening to approach a senior director without being invited to do so. There was a time when women serving in church ministry positions was discouraged. The effects of this over the years has left us with a lost generation of women in ministry. Fewer young women are practicing their faith, and have no interest in ministry leadership roles.

I believe we are at a time in ministry leadership where we can climb into any “chair” that God directs us to with confidence and celebration. I see women who are encouraged and respected as they come alongside to serve with their pastors and the church. Women are offered opportunities to develop their ministry leadership and valued for the contributions to the church growth movement.

Women's Ministry is dedicated to strengthening the women of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM) by encouraging, equipping, and engaging them to live intentional lives to the glory of God. Our ministry opportunities are of culturally relevant content, guided by a missional mindset, compassionate care, and places value on the development of women in leadership.

Women’s Ministries, as well as our events, provide encouragement and support the professional development of women leaders in our churches. We come alongside our pastors and ministry leaders to provide resources and support in Leadership Development, Compassion Ministries, Missions Discipleship and Administration.

Friends, your women’s ministry team is here to help you be all that you can be for the Lord.

  • Maybe you are still trying to figure out what that is! We are here for you!

  • Maybe you know and need help to take the next step! We are here for you!

  • Maybe you don’t feel you have anything to offer or are not good enough! Yes, you are! We are here for you!

  • Maybe you are ready to mentor and need resources! We are here for you!

  • Maybe you just want to join us for a great time of fellowship! We are here for you!

Contact us, we have a “chair” open for you! We promise not to tickle you, but we would love to hear you giggle!

Visit: for the most current women’s ministry information.



Sue Hodnett serves as women’s ministry leader for the BSCM as well as WMU Michigan Executive Director. She has dedicated her life to ministering to women in Michigan.


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