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The providence of God in your life

by Coye Bouyer

LANSING, MI – “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose” (Rom. 8:28).

How often in times of trials have believers turned to Paul’s reassuring words that God has not deserted us but is at work in the circumstances surrounding us. Paul, having already encouraged his audience with the fact that the Spirit intercedes on their behalf (vv.26-27), now further encourages them with words they must hear and understand so that they will always know.

Furthermore, when Paul writes the words, “We know” he is indicating that what he knew then, has ramifications of what you and I can know today. This is also why he uses the plural and inclusive word ‘we.’ For what applied to Paul and his listeners and readers then, still applies to you and I today. So, what is it that we can always know?

Paul wants us to know that because you love God, He is at work in each and every circumstance of your life; Paul wants to assure every believer that God is managing all actions, activities and affairs in such a way that their outcome always benefits YOU!

Now, the “good” for which Paul speaks is not necessarily what we may think is always best nor does the ‘good’ Paul speaks always feel good in the moment. However, Paul is declaring that even in the most challenging of circumstances God is working out His plan.

The verb (“works”) and the participial phrase (“those who love him”) are in the present tense. Not only has God been at work, but Paul is saying, He is presently and continually at work on behalf of those who love and are loved by Him. You see, often we think that because Christ died in the past securing our salvation for the future, God simply sits back and watches what is taking place here on earth. Like sitting in a theatre, it is understood that God is watching the movie scenes of your life as it plays out on the screen. But Paul is saying God is not simply sitting back watching what is taking place; rather He is actively involved watching over what is taking place.

Paul is saying that God is moving and maneuvering, putting pieces and people in certain places as He positions the events or activity and actions of men from His position up in Heaven for the purposes of His Plans and your good down here on earth.

Church, we live in a world full of sin as chaos has become the order of today. Whether you want to talk about the cataclysmic catastrophes of hurricanes like Ida, forest fires up the coast in California, or the chaos in the past few weeks with America’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. And if that were not enough, we are still dealing with the ramifications of a WORLD-WIDE Pandemic in which some are trying to recover while others are now finding themselves forced to deal with sickness and even death all over again.

But Paul reminds us that God is even working through all of this to bring about His plan and our good. Paul’s words are not only encouraging, but they are also needed, as they remind us all of this one simple truth and that is, ‘GOD HAS A PLAN!’ And His plan is not only good, but it will be good for you and I. God Bless You!



Pastor Coye L. Bouyer is the founding pastor of Kingdom Life Church in Lansing, MI where he has served since March of 2010. Pastor Bouyer recently stepped into the Diversity Ambassador role for the BSCM and firmly believes that he was not only called to Preach the Gospel as part of the process of reconciliation of man to God, but also using any platform as a bridge of reconciliation of man to man, and even more so amongst the brethren. Pastor Bouyer and his lovely wife Keturah (Gen. 25:1) have been married four over 20 years and have four children; Sierra, Seth, Cayla and Coye II.



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