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  • Mick Schatz

The perfect shoe

ROSCOMMON – I like shoes. I like all different kinds of shoes. I own shoes for all different kinds of reasons. I have shoes made for working outside, working in the snow and mud, walking on the treadmill (still like new), walking on the beach. I have dress shoes and casual shoes along with shoes that are very colorful to match different clothes I like to wear. I have shoes representing all types and brands for any fashionable occasion.

I figure you have to have them so why not be prepared and enjoy what you're wearing at the time. I like shoes. However, there is one pair of shoes I own that seem to be the perfect shoe for all occasions (except the beach). They are a pair of Timberland dark and light brown boots. They can be worn with jeans, dress slacks, shorts, casual environments or dress-up occasions. They are comfortable and always seem to fit just right when I slide my foot into them.

Everyone probably has a pair of shoes like this or at least an article of clothing that is always comfortable and appropriate for just about anywhere you go. It makes you feel good just putting it on because it fits just right. It may even spark a memory from when you got it, or where you were the first time you wore it. It’s just perfect!

Did you know that Jesus has His own brand of shoes for us to wear and they are just perfect! They actually come with a whole outfit designed to be the perfect fit for every Christian. You can discover the purpose for each piece of the outfit by reading Ephesians 6:10-17 - for the sake of this article I’m highlighting the footwear.

The shoes that Jesus has for us to wear are called the “Gospel of Peace”. They are designed by the Great Designer to give us a firm/no-slip footing as we engage evil in our daily lives. They are designed to navigate all types of terrain, and stand firm against any attacks we encounter from the enemy.

They are literally empowered by the power of the Gospel to equip us with peace in any circumstance knowing that Jesus is our protection. The Gospel brings us peace in the chaos, calm in the storm and stable footing in the battle. The perfect shoe!

Of course, no matter how perfect the shoe, we still have to make a choice to wear them. The world offers us a lot of fashionable shoes to wear with the promise of stability and peace, but they all wear out pretty quickly - they don’t come with an eternal guarantee. They quickly become uncomfortable, worn out and you find yourself shopping for another pair just to have them become useless and undesirable as well.

They don’t give you traction in difficult terrain and they certainly don’t give you stability to stand against the enemy. They may look good, but they won’t last. So, don’t buy them! Stop putting them on! Stop faltering and feeling defeated in the battle! Choose to wear only Jesus brand shoes made specifically for you - His child! Be assured of your salvation and rest in His power and stand firm in the “Gospel of Peace” - the perfect shoe!



Mick Schatz serves on the staff of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan. He is the State Director of Spiritual Enrichment and Retreats and lives at Bambi Lake.


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