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  • Nancy Tanap

The goodness of God

BELLEVILLE – As a Pastor’s wife, I want you to know that God’s goodness is evident throughout your lifetime whether everything is going good or bad in the ministry or personal life, God is good all the time!

Because of Covid, it had been more than three years since we were able to visit our family and loved ones, especially my husband’s siblings in the Philippines. Finally, God opened the door for another visit. Three weeks before our flight, I had postmenopausal bleeding. It was not good timing to experience this medical surprise. Our doctor did a pap smear with normal results. Thank God!

My doctors advised me to get an ultrasound and MRI exam. I had an ultrasound and found that I had a large cyst near my ovaries. This overwhelmed me and I had so much going-on in my mind at that time. With a family history of cancer (my deceased sister, my mom, and two aunts), I had this frightening thought “what if this cyst is cancerous?” Doctors and some friends advised me not to go on my trip or travel to the Philippines during this medical concern.

On the other hand, the joy of the Lord flooded my soul and spirit. I knew my life was in God’s hands. Whatever my medical crisis, He is Sovereign and knows what He is doing. To get an MRI exam appointment is unbelievably difficult – it was fully booked. My endometrial biopsy didn’t happen either. 

 My peace always comes from our Lord Jesus, who is the Prince of Peace. We went ahead and flew to the Philippines in August not knowing what was next for me. There are days that I felt very tired, and bleeding came consistently each month.


Upon arrival in the Philippines, we had a memorable family bonding with Aaron’s siblings, and traveled six hours by bus to see Aaron’s uncles and aunts whom we have not seen for 29 years. God used us to be a blessing to loved ones and friends and three churches where Aaron spoke.


When I returned, I was finally able to get my MRI exam, and the result was the same — big cyst. The nurse called and asked me to come right away so I could do a Cancer Antigen test. On the way to the clinic that same day, God let me hear the beautiful song “Gonna Be Alright” by Ryan Ellis: “Everything's gonna be alright; You hold me in Your arms, until my storm is gone. And everything's gonna be alright; Your love will be my song, till all my fears are gone. And everything's gonna be alright.”


Honestly, my body was shaking, and I couldn’t calm down. I cried on the way to the clinic. This song helped me to be at peace. I prayed and asked, “Am I ready to face the truth”? The results came the following morning, and my tumor markers were within normal limits. Rejoicing in the Lord, I cried again listening to my favorite song “Gonna Be Alright”.  


My endometrial biopsy results were normal and negative for hyperplasia or malignancy. GOD is so good! The prayers of the brethren meant so much to me - they are precious.

Rev. 5:8b said “...Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of God’s people.”


(Note post surgery.) The December 27th surgery went well and all test results are benign. Truly God is amazing in answering our prayers! What a blessing and a great gift for this new year.




Nancy Tanap, a Pastor’s wife here at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Belleville. Married to Aaron for 43 years with three adult children and five grandchildren.


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