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  • Travis Whittaker

The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering; fueling new churches

PLYMOUTH – It is hard to imagine where I would be personally and more importantly where the life of Mile City Church would be without experiencing the benefits from the fuel of the Annie Armstrong Easter offering.

Early on, having the financial support as a brand new church planter was monumental and helped give my wife Jen and I the courage to take the leap to start Mile City seven years ago. However, beyond the actual support dollars, was the spiritual support that was fueling and investing in us greatly.

The church planter support system that is fueled by the Annie Armstrong offering is in a league of its own. It is the greatest church planting engine on the planet. Not only have I gotten to experience it myself, but now I have had the continuous privilege of walking with many other new church planters on their journey and watching them experience those benefits.

At Mile City church it is a joy and honor to give back annually to the Annie Armstrong Easter offering that has helped give us the fuel that we needed to take off. To all the pastors out there reading this - if you have ever wondered if your investment into the Annie Armstrong offering is worth it; I humbly say with all glory to our great God that after seven years of existence, Mile City is now in two locations with three different languages, has multiplied six other times and is helping to plant many other churches.

I’m living proof, and just one of many examples, that this offering is truly working. But as you know, there is much more work to do, and God in his amazing plan wants to use all of us to keep on fueling His great mission. What a privilege it is for each one of us to get a front row seat of watching him show off!



Travis Whittaker is Lead Pastor of Mile City Church. In 2015, Travis and a launch team of 75 people set out together to plant Mile City. Travis and Jen are raising their four children, Tristan, Lena, London and Tavin, and are honored to lead the Mile City family.


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