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State Mission Offering: “Strong medicine for my wounded spirit”

by Staff

PLYMOUTH, MI – The Frances Brown State Mission Offering will again be used to help pastors struggling with health and financial issues because of Covid. But this year, the Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM) has decided to add churches to the eligible list of receiving funds.

BSCM Executive Director, Tim Patterson says. “The pandemic isn’t over and churches are struggling with the impact of Covid just like pastors are.”

Over the past year, Michigan Baptists have been able to give thousands of dollars to pastors and their families in need through the state mission offering. Those needs included helping to cover medical bills to those struck with Covid, or supporting pastors who either lost income when the offerings at their church decreased, or were laid off from other jobs.

Patterson says, “One of the great joys of being executive director is to be able to hand a check to a person who is in great need and see the change on his face.”

The BSCM has received many letters of thanks for the support that Michigan Baptists have given through the State Mission Offering. One note read:

“The gift from the missions fund was like strong medicine for my wounded spirit.”

Another said, “the BSCM has put love for pastors into a tangible offering that really blessed me and my wife.”

The state mission offering in the coming year will be used to provide continued support to Michigan churches and pastors. Patterson adds, “let's give to the state mission offering where it really will make a difference.”

The Frances Brown State Mission Offering is September 12-19. Church leaders who are interested in promoting the offering in their church can go to for resources.

And here is a quick video designed to be in worship settings and online to promote the video to your church.

Pastors or church who need the help of the offering can request it here.


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