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Shecks in the UK

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – Kevin and Keri Sheckler have been reaching Africans and others with the IMB for 10 years. They started by serving in the Horn of Africa for the first 2 years of their ministry.

But then they moved to a place that might not seem obvious for reaching Africans. For the last 8 years the Shecklers have been ministering to immigrants in Birmingham, England. Birmingham is the second largest city in the United Kingdom, and it attracts a diverse array of internationals including people from places like Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea.

The Shecklers serve at the Bloomsbury Hope Centre where they offer things like Homework Clubs and English Classes. Hope Church was launched through the Centre’s ministries.

Kevin Sheckler says, “Hope Centre gave them access to people, and Hope Church gives those people access to God.”

Kevin was raised in Sparta, Michigan before he and Keri met at California Baptist University. The Shecklers and their three children; Sofia, Selah, and Isaiah, return to Michigan when they are in the US to visit family and to enjoy camping by Lake Michigan. The entire family will be here in Michigan during the month of August.

To learn more about the Shecklers’ ministry in England. Watch this video they prepared.



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