Sharing all good things

by Chad Wells "The one who is taught the word is to share all good things with the one who teaches him. (Galatians 6:6 NASB)

PORTAGE, MI – Allow me to candidly plead with you for the sake of your pastor. It has been a difficult year, and he could use your encouragement. Are you willing to share all good things? Galatians 6:6, Let him who is taught the word share in all good things with him who teaches, is often cited when discussing pastoral compensation, but our focus is on a different application of the text. This verse gives a simple command to the individual believer who is being instructed in the word: share all good things. Spirit-powered obedience to this command will bless both your pastor and the church.

The root of the words translated taught/teaches in this text refers to personal, ongoing instruction by word of mouth. Teaching like this assumes relationship and repetition. Being taught the word is more than a weekly information dump. Ongoing, accountable relationships allow content to be applied directly in the context of life. By sharing all good things, the believer engages with the teacher in a way that reinforces the impact of the word and brings glory to God. Christian content is instantly available in a variety of media formats, but growth and accountability depend on additional relational proximity. The production values of the megachurch livestream may greatly exceed the Radio Shack hodgepodge your church cobbled together. The skills demonstrated by past heroes of proclamation and modern celebrity preachers may easily outpace your pastor. Consume what you will (with discernment), but remember they are not charged to give an account for you. The reality of pastoral responsibility weighs heavily, and even good under-shepherds struggle with how to minister more proactively. We long to celebrate God’s power at work in the lives of those we serve, but we are more often confronted with crisis or complaints. Walking with people through difficulty and desperation is a privilege, but discipleship also takes place whenever believers share all good things. What a blessing it is to hear how the Lord has used our humble service for His glory and your benefit. Those who rightly divide the word of truth are encouraged to hear how those being taught are growing in the Lord. Let your pastor specifically know how the Lord impacts your life through the teaching of the word. You could text, send a letter, mail a card, place a phone call, write an email, zoom, or make an appointment for a face-to-face conversation. Is there a good thing? Share it. As we yearn for Christian fellowship free from covid-inspired restrictions and reticence, let us be diligent to share all good things with our pastors. A year of having decreased opportunities for interaction and proximity makes this task even more urgent. Virtual worship services deliver content, but curtail communication, connection, and accountability. If you must worship remotely, please remember to stay connected by sharing all good things. Your pastor will thank you.



Chad Wells is in his 16th year as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Portage. He also serves as the Associational Mission Strategist for the South Central Baptist Association. He & his wife Angela are blessed with five children.



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