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Send Relief, IMB respond to the Mexico border crisis

by Send Relief and IMB staff

As thousands of families are arriving at the U.S. border with Mexico after fleeing their home countries, many are facing devastating economic crises and violent political unrest.

Because of the current worldwide refugee crisis and global pandemic, it has become more and more difficult for them to find shelter, food and clean water along the border as they eagerly await news about receiving asylum.

Send Relief Photo

The International Mission Board and Send Relief are partnering with the National Baptist Convention of Mexico and local churches near the Southern border of Mexico to help provide food, shelter and showers to thousands of families in Tapachula, Mexico, just north of the border of Guatemala.

As additional needs arise, volunteer opportunities for this location will be posted on Send Relief’s volunteer webpage.

Send Relief is also working with the organizations listed below to ensure that refugees have access to essentials and hear the gospel message of Jesus after their grueling journeys:

El Buen Samaritino Migrante

Rooted in Deuteronomy 10:18’s encouragement to imitate Christ in loving the foreigners among us by giving them food and clothing, El Buen Samaritino Migrante is a nonprofit organization that serves between 150-250 people on the border every single day. In addition to their everyday distributions, staff also rent three homes to families in transit who are awaiting their documentation.

City Church Del Rio

Led by Missions Pastor Shon Young, the border ministry at City Church Del Rio is faithfully serving nearly 100 people a day by providing food, clothes, hygiene kits and the use of a shower trailer to refugee families in need of respite.

Iglesia Bautista Horeb

On a weekly basis, the volunteers from Iglesia Bautista Horeb serve over 600 families through food distributions and senior citizen service projects. Often, these volunteers meet newly arrived families at the bus station as their first point of contact, offering phone calls to family members and prayer over the next steps in their difficult journeys.

El Paso Migrant Center

Launched as a collaborative effort of Baptist churches, the migrant center offers wrap-around services for families in need of physical and spiritual refreshment. Staff offer personalized assistance to help translate paperwork and navigate language barriers in immigration documentation, as well as showers and packages of basic necessities.

If you would like to give to families in need on the border or are interested in serving to help this vulnerable community, you can email or visit for more information.


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