Reap the benefits of the Harvest Retreat

by Mickey Gross

GARDEN CITY, MI – Why should I attend a Women's Retreat?

Do I even need a retreat?

What would happen to my to-do list if I went away for a whole weekend?

These are among the first thoughts that run through my head when the invitation to sign up for Harvest Retreat rolls around every year.

Don't get me wrong—I LOVE God, His people, and camp ministry. But my life is also very full of work, family, household chores, and even church commitments. It doesn't feel wise to take time away from all of that for an optional experience.

Then, memories of my first camp experience come flooding back.

My parents, being wiser than I was at 8 years old, decided that it would be a good idea to send me away to GA camp at Bambi Lake for a whole week in the summer. I had never heard of such a thing, but my friends were going and I liked them. Despite the butterflies in my stomach from trying a new thing, I willingly packed my bags and went. The ride up to camp felt like an eternity, but once there, I was able to have an abundance of experiences that wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

Five decades later, I still have vivid memories of that week:

  • practicing sign language during rest time that Gina and I had learned in a mission-focused lesson

  • watching the flag raise in the morning, presided over by none other than Ms. Frances Brown herself

  • purchasing a daily Milky Way from the snack shack on the path

  • developing an appreciation for nature that was not available on the eastside of Detroit, and

  • being taught by Godly women who were committed to faithfully planting the Word in the hearts of the young.

Attending camp for the first time set the groundwork for my love for God, His people, and camp ministry that is still firmly planted today.

My decision to go to Harvest Retreat 2021 flowed from these precious memories. I will put aside my "normally occupied position" to experience God in His nature, His people, and His Word. I will go, because after being apart from faces for more than a year, it will be refreshing to see smiles, to hear laughter, and to connect in person.

I will go because I will come back refreshed by Biblical insights, giving me a fresh perspective for ministry here at home. I will go because being there will help me to run and finish the race well.

At whatever age and stage of life you are in, you too can gain a renewed sense of your purpose in Christ, worship alongside and learn from one another, and most of all, enjoy God and His good gifts.

Harvest Retreat 2021: Love God, Love People

October 15-17


CHECK IN: Begins at 3:00 pm Friday

Retreat Ends at 11:00 am Sunday following worship

Bambi Lake Retreat & Conference Center

The Harvest Retreat Leadership Team is anticipating a full retreat, so sign up today!

Using CDC guidance, we have an excellent plan to minimize COVID risk to guests and staff. We are adhering to regulations while still maximizing the opportunities for women to connect.



Mickey Gross lives in Garden City, MI and is a member of Resurrection Church in Lincoln Park. She has devoted years in church leadership as a children's ministry director, praise team member, pianist, facilities coordinator, and event planner. Mickey loves camp ministry and has had the privilege of spending time at camp as a camper, serving as a volunteer, and operating on the leadership team for Harvest Retreat.



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