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  • Cara Schramm

Ragged Women’s Conference

MONROE – The Ragged Women’s Conference is being held at Monroe Missionary Baptist Church on September 22-23. Our desire in planning this conference is that women will be reaffirmed in the vast love Christ has for them, strengthened in their faith, encouraged in their eternal hope (Hebrews 6:17-20), and refreshed as they go about their daily lives. Ultimately, God will receive glory because of it. If you are weary in your responsibilities, struggling in your faith, feeling guilty about your failures, overwhelmed with expectations, or experiencing anxiety about your weaknesses, this conference is for you.

In her blog post, The Gift of Collaboration, Gretchen Ronnevik shares some of the thoughts she had while writing her book, Ragged: Spiritual Disciplines for The Spiritually Exhausted. She says,

“…the message I want to drive home is that it is finished. We are complete in Christ. Christian women are inundated with “law” in what feels like every single publication. It’s a constant. I wanted to write about “gospel.” I wanted to write about how the gospel wasn’t just for salvation (justification), but for all of the Christian life (sanctification). I wanted to relentlessly point to Christ, not our works.”

Clear your calendars and register right away! We are so excited that Gretchen is coming to share with us in person the themes in her book.

Her author bio describes Gretchen Ronnevik as someone who “loves rich theology rooted in real life. She created Gospel Mentoring, a training program for intergenerational discipleship and is the co-host of Freely Give, a podcast on living free in Christ. She has published articles at 1517, the Gospel Coalition, and Women’s Ministry Toolbox and regularly speaks at events. She lives on the family farm in Minnesota with her husband and six children.”

Gretchen’s book, Ragged: Spiritual Disciplines for The Spiritually Exhausted is full of grace and encouragement. Everyone who attends the conference will be given a copy of the book. There will be one session on Friday evening, with light refreshments following. Saturday morning holds two sessions with a coffee bar during the break. After the two morning sessions, there will be a question-and-answer time with Gretchen. We’ll end the conference with a delicious soup and salad lunch with dessert.

You can register online at If you prefer not to register online, you can call the church office at 734-241-6860 and speak with Anna, who will get you registered.

The price is $35.00 and includes all three conference sessions, a copy of Ragged, all the food and refreshments, a goodie bag containing items for your encouragement and enjoyment, and several giveaways. There are also “Freely Given” podcast stickers for the first 100 people to register.

Feel free to listen to the conference playlist on Spotify to encourage your heart.



Cara Schramm is the Women’s Ministry Leader at Monroe Missionary Baptist Church. Her interest in women’s ministry began during a season of numerous heartaches in which she was greatly ministered to by ordinary women. She and her husband Marty are parents to six children aged 7-25. Together, they share a heart for everyday hospitality.



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