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Parenting and grand-parenting

CLAWSON, MI – 1 Timothy 1:2 says, “To Timothy, my true son in faith.” They are growing, maturing, and sharing their faith. They are inviting friends and family to church, and some have taken that next step and led friends and family to put their faith in Jesus Christ alone. My wife, Cindy and I resonate with the Apostle Paul.

At 23 years of age Cindy and I had our first child, and while in many ways we were ready, we definitely needed the help and wisdom of our parents. I’m so glad my mother-in-law was there for the birth of our child. She was parenting us, grand-parenting our child, and sometimes parenting her grandchild. As we serve at The Church in Clawson, we feel we are filling that same role as my mother-in-law did with us.

Two years ago we participated in a large car show that is hosted every year by the Clawson Lions Club. The city closes a half mile of Main Street, including a stretch where our property is located, and they park around 400 cars up and down the street.

At the event I was able to meet Janet and Patty, a mother and daughter. At that time Janet was battling throat cancer, and I was able to pray with her in the church parking lot. Janet and Patty said that they would come be our guests one Sunday very soon. That one Sunday very soon turned into a Wednesday night some 8 months later. Patty came for a little while before visiting on a Sunday. A few Sundays later, she brought her mother with her. Then she invited another friend, Jenny, who we also met at that first car show. Janet then invited several of her friends who now attend our church regularly. Patty was then able to invite her Father, Janet’s husband to church. A couple of months ago we baptized, Patty, Janet, Patty’s son Josh, and another friend of the family, Chris. Patty and her friend, Jenny led our car show outreach this year. We have another new family attending through that outreach, and the father was saved in his second week attending.

Anthony DeMonaco, who I met through door to door canvassing is now one of the core members of our team. He led his daughter to the Lord who now sings every week on our music team. He oversees the financial department of our church, and started Champion Sports Ministries which provides weekend services and discipleship for players and coaches of the United Shore Professional Baseball League which plays in Utica, Michigan. He also serves on The Church Strengthening Team for the Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM).

At times we feel like we are just learning how to parent, yet we are helping our “kids” parent their own “children.” There’s nothing like being a parent, and even still further there is nothing like being a grandparent.



Bob grew up in a Christian Home. From an early age he knew that God had called him to be in the ministry. He enjoys bringing truth from God’s Word and making it practical and relevant to our every day lives. He met his wife Cindy while attending college. They have 3 children: Bobby (15), Tyler (12), and Jaydon (10).


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