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  • Elany Clark

New growth, new development, and Revitalization

ROSEVILLE – When I was tasked to write an article for the Baptist Beacon and saw that the theme for this year was Revitalization in our Churches, I questioned what I should write about.

My first thought was to look up the definition of revitalization. Cambridge dictionary defines it as “to make something grow, develop, or become successful.” Synonyms are: renew, restore, refresh, recreate.

After pondering it for a while, 2022 came to mind. It was then that I realized that 2022 was a year of revitalization from within. I experienced new growth, new development and in many ways I was refreshed, renewed and recreated.

In 2022 I did just about every new thing a person could do; I got married, moved across the country, became a pastors’ wife, and started a new career…all within 4 months. But in all of those changes, I discovered 3 things about revitalization.

1. Revitalization is constant.

2 Corinthians 4:16 says “though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.” Throughout this Christian journey we are continuously being revitalized. It’s not something that happens one time, it is a constant decision, a constant act, a constant goal that we strive to attain on a deeper level every single day.

2. Revitalization comes from within.

You cannot change what is on the outside until an internal change happens. The growth and development I experienced in 2022 has manifested itself on the outside in the way that I serve my family, my church and my community.

The revitalization from within was necessary to be able to live out our church’s aims: to help people follow Jesus, steward well, give generously and live their Faith. As believers, our minds are being renewed daily. Throughout the ups and downs of life and ministry, we are able to drink from the One who satisfies our souls in drought (Isaiah 58:11) and experience true revitalization.

3. Inward revitalization produces outward change.

Ephesians 4:23-24 says that once we are renewed in the spirit of our minds, we “put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.” When we are connected to Jesus, the True Vine, we experience internal revitalization that helps us grow better, serve better, live better and LOVE better.

My prayer for everyone is that you continuously strive to experience inner revitalization not only for ourselves, but so that the seeds of that revitalization are planted in our families, our churches, our communities and our world.



Elany Clark is married to David Clark, lead pastor of S.E.E.D. Church. She moved from Alabama to Michigan to plant S.E.E.D. Church in Roseville, MI. She enjoys connecting with women and children in the community through her CARE Ministry and leads a women’s small group through her church. She is looking forward to all this year has to bring and continuing to connect with families in the metro Detroit area!


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