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National WMU introduces Missions Journey: Kids

by WMU Communications

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Beginning this fall, children’s leaders will have a new curriculum option for children’s discipleship that is flexible enough to fit just about any setting.

“Focusing on missions work both here in the U.S. and throughout the world, Missions Journey: Kids will captivate your children’s minds and hearts as they immerse themselves in a new culture each month and learn about the different avenues missionaries use to share the Gospel with the nations,” said Robin McCall, content and marketing manager, national WMU.

Missions Journey: Kids is for any children’s group in grades 1–6, including Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, or Children in Action missions discipleship groups. With a balanced blend of missions discipleship and Bible study, it can also be used in discipleship classes, children’s church, or by Christian schools who wish to add missions discipleship to their existing programming.

“Missions Journey: Kids is a bold step into the future of missions discipleship,” said Zachariah Seanor, children’s ministry consultant and editor, national WMU. “We are so excited to see how God will use this material to foster a love of missions in the hearts and minds of children for generations to come.”

According to McCall, Missions Journey: Kids was created directly in response to requests from churches and missions discipleship leaders throughout the Southern Baptist Convention who asked for more robust Bible study and in-depth mission studies delivered in a simplified format.

“Written with every church in mind, Missions Journey: Kids gives leaders flexibility to create missions discipleship experiences tailored to fit their needs,” she said. “Leaders can easily adapt every lesson to fit their context, whether their group is large or small, or if they lead girls, boys, or a coed group.”

Every weekly session will include targeted tips for teaching missions study and discipleship, Scripture memory and application, and suggestions for customizing the session. Every monthly unit will also include suggestions for missions projects and bonus activities leaders can choose to meet the unique needs of their children’s group.

The Missions Journey: Kids curriculum includes three quarterly pieces:

  • Missions Journey: Kids Leader offers comprehensive plans for each session, teaching tips, bonus activities, ideas for earning badges and patches, suggestions for missions projects, and tips to help leaders create engaging experiences for children. It is available in a print or digital format.

  • Missions Journey: Kids Leader Kit contains colorful posters, games, and activities to enhance weekly sessions.

  • Missions Journey: Kids Adventure is a colorful magazine that will bring missions learning to life for children.

As both a curriculum writer and missions leader, Claudean Boatman said although the new curriculum takes longer to create with so many activities, working on it was more fun and targeted.

“This curriculum puts less stress on the leaders to prepare while at the same time empowering them more to adapt and choose what’s best for their groups,” she observed. “It’s a great balance. Being a part of the inaugural issue of Missions Journey: Kids was fun, challenging, and made me remember why I enjoy writing and teaching missions curriculum.”

While the Missions Journey: Kids curriculum replaces the current curriculum for Girls in Action (GA), Royal Ambassadors (RA), and Children in Action (CA), resources for these missions groups will continue.

“Missions Journey: Kids is a one-stop shop for every missions group,” McCall explained. “Each month, leaders will find suggestions for extra activities for GA, RA, and CA, ideas for earning badges and patches, tips for working through individualized achievement plans, and more. We will also continue to create and carry special resources for GA, RA, and CA, including badges and patches, achievement plans, and identity items.”

The premiere edition of Missions Journey: Kids curriculum will release in Fall 2021 (Sep/Oct/Nov) for the church year 2021-22, and fall materials will be in churches by August 2021. Subscriptions are available for order now at or by calling WMU Customer Relations at 1-800-968-7301.

For more information or to download a free sample unit, visit



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