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  • Josh Bowers

Move In Your Church: the album

DETROIT – Lately our church has been experiencing a renewal. During Covid we had dwindled down to well below half of what we had been. At one point our church shrunk down to just 30 people. These times were difficult to say the least.

Seeing people choose to leave or go elsewhere is one of the toughest things to go through as a pastor. And, on top of that, we lost the building where we had been meeting. It was one of the lowest points of our existence as a church.

We were vagabonds for nearly a year before we found a new place to meet, and even it was temporary. It was not a fun thing to experience. In 2022 we started meeting in one location consistently, and got back a little bit of a sense of normalcy.

Despite everything over the past year God has done some miraculous things. Our church has begun to come back to life. Our attendance has gone back up above 100. (Nearly a 300% increase over the year, ha!)

God has moved powerfully beyond the growth in numbers. The life change we see in people is truly remarkable to witness. The tangible presence of God as we worship and commit to preaching His Word is so beautiful. And people are experiencing miracles. God is faithful to build His church. And the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Why do I share these things? To encourage you.

Joel 2:25 says that God will restore the years that the locusts have eaten.

I’m not sure what you feel like you have lost. Maybe it’s something to do with your church. Maybe it’s a relationship. Maybe it’s finances. God is faithful and can restore anything that has gone. Not only that, but He can also turn that situation around and use it for His glory.

In the middle of all of this, we decided to record an album. Our church has always loved to worship. It’s been a 3-year journey, but we finally released it. It’s called “Move In Your Church” and it comes from a desire to, you guessed it, see God move in His Church.

That’s what we’re praying for. Not just that God would move in our church, but in His capital “C” Church across Detroit, Michigan, and the world. We’re praying for movement. For a re-igniting of passion for Him, His Word and reaching the lost.

The world desperately needs the church. Now as much as ever. We’re praying that what we have started to see God do in our church, He would do across the world in all our churches.



Pastor Josh Bowers is the lead Pastor of Cross & Anchor Church, a NAMB church in Detroit Michigan. He and his wife pioneered the church in 2019.

Cross & Anchor Worship has recently released an album called “Move In Your Church”. It is available to stream on all music platforms and we pray it is a blessing to you and your people.


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