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Monopoly and quiet walks

by Staff

DETROIT, MI – You know these are stressful times when one of the ways you de-stress during a quarantine is playing Monopoly with the entire family. But that’s how Pastor David Cox Sr says he does it. He adds that he also takes walks with his wife, Tiffany. Those walks probably come after the Monopoly game.

Cox is pastor of the Temple of Faith Baptist Church in Detroit. He says this time quarantine has given him one-on-one time with each of his immediate family members; his wife, his three children ages 20, 18, and 12, and his German Shepherd, Simba. Cox adds that after reviewing his budget, he learned a lot of his money had been spent on restaurants before the lockdown.

Those are some of the positives for his family during this unusual time. But like many of our Michigan pastors, there have been some painful times as well. Cox says one of the most difficult things is being unable to go to the hospital when a member is suffering from COVID-19, or even worse, not being able to mourn with his families when they experience loss.

Like nearly every church, Temple of Faith is finding ways to use technology to continue the ministry of the church. They are using conference calls for things like the Worship Service, Sunday School, and Wednesday night Bible study. The youth group, of course, is stepping up its technology game by using Zoom calls to do their service and Bible studies.

Cox simply is asking for God to give him wisdom, understanding, and good health. He asks that others would pray for the church to move according to God’s will, and that they are able to adapt to technology and the coming change in culture.


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