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Living through “The 'Rona”

WARREN, MI – Where does the church turn, when the state has put a “Stay Home” order in place? What do we do when our meeting place is now off limits? We are home and we, with our social media, are asking these questions to each other as a church family. We chat about all the things that are changing in our lives, yet how do we change lives for the kingdom? We, as a church, are living in a time like never before.

In recent months, our church has reignited GA’s (Girls in Action) and RA’s (Royal Ambassadors) on Wednesday nights. It’s a wonderful student ministry that teaches missions and the importance of sharing the Gospel. I’m so happy it’s back

So, back to the original topic. We are separated from each other due to COVID-19, better known as “The 'Rona”. Since there had been such enthusiasm to study missionaries and do the fun things in the GA’s and RA’s groups, the teachers didn’t want the momentum to fade with the stay-at-home distancing. When the quarantine all started, our church went to live streaming service on Facebook and YouTube. I thought to myself, “Why can’t we “Zoom” with the kids and get them together to continue the mission studies and activities?” After a few calls to fellow teachers and tech folks in our church, we made a plan to get it rolling. After all, no better thing to share on social media than Jesus.

So, for the last 5 weeks, RA’s and GA’s have been gathering on their computers and having the time of their lives. Leaders are continuing to teach about missions, and we are actually having virtual relay races and games along with the study. Missionaries can be invited to visit the meeting LIVE and share their work with specific people groups with the kids. The kids enjoy being able to ask questions and learn about what it’s like to be a missionary who is taking the Gospel message to different people groups around the world.

Attendance in our student mission groups is up substantially. I’m so excited to see how the Lord will continue this ministry. God works in ways we don’t always understand. Though it has been tough being quarantined, He has certainly pointed us to how His word can still be shared.



Elaine Hill works as Administrative Assistant to both Motor Cities Metro Baptist Association and Warren Woods Baptist Church, where she and her family are active members. She has gone on mission trips throughout the United States, Russia and Jordan. She serves on the Executive Board of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan on the church strengthening team. Women's ministry is an important facet, as she serves as Vice President with the WMU. She also leads women's ministry through her church and the community. Elaine has been married to Dan for 44 years and they have a grown son and daughter, and spend lots of time with their two precious grandchildren.



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