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Katie and Bambi Lake

by Mick Schatz

ROSCOMMON, MI – One of the pleasures in life we get to enjoy, especially here in Michigan, is the change of seasons. Each season is unique and has its own natural beauty for us to enjoy. Nevertheless, the one thing true about every season is that each season does eventually come to an end. Such is true in life and here at Bambi Lake.

Over the last ten years Bambi Lake has enjoyed and greatly benefited from the volunteer work of Katie Nettle. After having spent much time here at Bambi attending retreats and summer camps, Katie began to hear the call of God on her heart to become a full-time volunteer staff member at Bambi Lake. She and her husband Donovan and her son Noah, moved to the camp and began to live full-time on the camp property. Katie immediately became an unforgettable and significant part of the Bambi story. Her amazingly oversized heart for service and helping others has brought many a smile to guests. Her willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done has been demonstrated many times.

My first witness to this occurred quite soon after I first arrived as the Director at Bambi. We were in the middle of an event, and the drainpipes in the kitchen backed-up and the grease pit began to overflow. Without hesitation, Katie stuck her hand down in the super nasty stuff and began to de-clog it by removing the nastiness. Honestly, I was trying not to hurl my lunch, but Katie was undaunted and did what had to be done in the moment. There have been other moments similar to that such as back-ups in the laundry room, and emergency situations as she life guarded the lakefront. Whatever was necessary Katie has always been willing and ready to jump in and do what it takes. Katie’s love for God has always fueled her love to serve our guests here at Bambi.

After serving God and serving others here at Bambi for the last ten years, Katie will be leaving us at the end of April and venturing into a new season of her life with her family in Alabama. We are super excited for her as she starts this new chapter in her life, but we will miss her infectious laughter, her faithfulness, and her servant heart.

Katie, thank-you for the godly impact you have made on countless teenagers and adults over the last ten years. Thank-you for finishing well - here at Bambi Lake.



Mick Schatz serves on the staff of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan. He is the State Director of Spiritual Enrichment and Retreats and lives at Bambi Lake.


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