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Jesus saves! From, for and through

by David Thompson

NASHVILLE, TN – What does it really mean when people say that Jesus saves? Once upon a time there was a general understanding and cultural acceptance to the saying. Now, not so much. This month’s article seeks to inspire you by hopefully grasping a new appreciation for what it means to be saved.

I used to think that being saved implied I was indeed saved from something like Hell or Sin or Evil. That was when I was a new believer. Much later I began to see that I was saved for something — like for my mission or purpose or to fulfill my calling.

After forty literal wilderness years of knowing and following Christ, I have come to believe that Jesus saves me through something.

To be born physically, one travels through a birth canal — in a normal delivery! To be born from above, one travels through what some call the Christian life. Being saved from something and for something is still true — but it is equally a reality that we are being saved through it.

When we get this — a metamorphosis can occur:

1. We need never fear.

Plato said, “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark…. The real tragedy is a man who is afraid of the light”. Why are you ever afraid if God is saving you?

2. We can attempt the impossible and not worry about falling.

“Not failure, but low aim is the crime….in great attempts, it is glorious even to fail”. If Bruce Lee taught this, how much more should a child of the living God?

3. Live today to the fullest with zero thought of the sorrows of yesterday and the fears of tomorrow.

Arnold H. Glasow states, “Live in the present and make it so beautiful it’s worth remembering”.

Question — when was the last time you did something extraordinary and magnanimous? God has your back and is indeed all you will ever need. Dare to be bold and courageous. No Person is being saved through this life just to be boring and stale and lifeless.

4. We have a high degree of joyful anticipation.

Terry Pratchett said, ”The meaning of life is to find your gift — to find your gift is happiness. Do you really believe Jesus is saving you through this sin cursed, hell bound world — and He that he is now hiding the best from you? Jesus wants His abundant life for you! (that does not imply no suffering ever)... it does imply joy and peace every step of the way.

5. We can allow Jesus to be in charge.

“You have two choices: to control your mind — or let your mind control you,” wrote Paulo Coelho. The greatest thing a Christ follower can do is to completely surrender one’s mind to the leadership of the One who is saving them through it.

6. We can know that daily surrender means we can never ever give up.

Alva Myerdol believes, ”It is not worthy of a human being to give up”. How much more for the One born from above, sealed by the Spirit, accepted in the beloved, washed in the blood, carried by Grace, and being saved through it all!

Even Robert Frost had it right “The best way out — is always through “, he said. Frost was spot on! Jesus knows what He is doing in your life.



Dr. David L. Thompson holds an undergraduate degree from Belmont University in Psychology and Religion, a graduate degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Education, and a doctorate in Counseling and Pastoral Psychology. He has served as a chairman of the Church Planting Group and Executive Committee Chair at the North American Mission Board for 10 years. He has been a Police Chaplain since 1991 and served as a Corporate Chaplain to the Coca Cola Bottling Company in Nashville, Tennessee where he resides with his wife. He has six children and five grandsons.


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