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It's a COVID Christmas

by Dan Russell

SOUTHGATE, MI – As our churches get ready to celebrate the birth of Christ this month, it’s the first Christmas in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and, hopefully, the last! But, even though circumstances are definitely different than last year, people’s needs are the same. We need a Christmas that offers joy to both believers and seekers alike. Believers need the joy of Christmas to remind them that the Christ Child came to bring “peace and goodwill” to them. And, seekers need the joy of Christmas to remind them that the Christ Child came into the world to “save…people from their sins”. Here are some ways to make this Christmas a blessed time for believers and seekers:

  1. Pray that your fellow-believers will enjoy the Christmas season and not be distracted by news of the coronavirus.

  2. Share positive Scripture verses about the joy of Christmas with your brothers and sisters in Christ, either in-person, by email, or text.

  3. Be faithful in worshipping with other believers, either in-person or online.

  4. Host a Zoom party with other believers to share your favorite Christmas tradition, or talk about your favorite Christmas story Bible character.

  5. Do a Christmas card giving promotion for your pastor with thanks for his leadership during the pandemic and gift cards inside each card.

  6. Make a special effort to invite unbelievers to your in-person or online Christmas services, with emphasis of being there for them during the pandemic.

  7. Give the needy of the community around your church a Christmas basket of food, along with some literature that shares the Gospel and invites them to your church.

  8. Provide online Christmas services that focus on those seeking the true meaning of Christmas and who Christ really is.

  9. Do a Christmas card mailing to the households around your church that shares the Gospel and invites them to church, whether in-person or online.

  10. Have everyone in the church prayerfully choose one unbelieving person to pray for during this Christmas season and commit to share the Gospel with by the end of the year.



Dr. Dan Russell is the Ministry Director for the Southeastern Baptist Association of Michigan. Dan has been in pastoral ministry for 40 years and currently serves as the Executive Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Southgate. He is also the Send Network Coaching Coordinator for church planters in Greater Michigan, as well as being on the NAMB Assessment Team for prospective church planters.


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