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Hope forever more

by David Clark

DETROIT, MI – The apostle Paul wrote we have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain. Hebrews 6:19

With so much going on around us I believe as Christians we need something to hold true to, and that anchor for us is Jesus Christ. If we were to be honest no one foresaw any of the events that have occurred so far. COVID is not a myth, but a real and relevant enemy that we must continue to take precautions against. Behind the death and response of George Floyd we have seen anger and tension surface like a pipe ready to explode. Many Pastors have been challenged in new ways as we are adjusting to the new norm of our lives. Will life ever be the same? I think the numerous masks that we see on a day to day basis is a subtle reminder that life has changed forever. But my admonition to you is that there is a Hope that assures each of us that we are not alone.

Hope forever more

In times of uncertainty, we as Christians are certain about one thing, God is in the midst of it all. James, the brother of Jesus, says draw near to God, and he will draw near to you (James 4:8). This is the perfect time for us as Pastors to not self-destruct but to engage in self-reflection to search for the nearness of God in the sanctuary of our hearts, and to remind those who we shepherd that in spite of what’s going on around us, God is faithful and He dwells within us.

The word of God tells us on several occasions to remain in hope, and if we didn’t need hope before (which we did) we certainly need it now. Never lose hope. We must remain hopeful today, tomorrow, hopeful for our families, communities, and hopeful for our churches.

This has been a challenging year. It was in March when my father went into the hospital and discovered he had COVID. Nevertheless, ministry didn’t cease. It was tough but I continued in preaching, teaching, and praying for others while my family and I dealt with the unknown future of my father. While in the hospital, my father suffered compounded pneumonia along with the coronavirus and was steps away from being placed on the ventilator, but we prayed, and Send Network prayed. We remained in hope. It was on June 5 after being hospitalized for sixty plus days that my father was released from the hospital. I write this not for some point of boasting because I am sensitive and sorrowful for the many families who have lost and are grieving loved ones. I write because as of July 17th we celebrated my father’s 64th birthday with a family fish fry. It was refreshing to spend time with a family who has been distant for the last four months. As much as I wanted to hug and catch up with everyone my duty as senior chef called, and I was responsible for delivering everyone fresh hot fish. I think we fried every fish in the great lakes and beyond. We fried bass, walleye, catfish, pangasius, orange roughy, red snapper, perch, and tilapia. But, as chatter and laughter went on, God reminded me that a day of celebration could have easily been a day of grief and mourning, but God allowed it to be a day of family, food, and fellowship. To those who may be in a state of hopelessness, I want to encourage you to be anchored in Jesus. With hope, I am assured that yesterday’s tears were needed for today’s joy. The pain we endured yesterday showed up today as Jesus claimed the victory. As we move forward with our ministries, let us not forget that Jesus Christ is the perfect anchor for the soul, and he gives us the hope we need to make it today and forevermore.



David Clark is a Detroit native who is currently serving as the connection Pastor at The House church in Detroit, MI and church planter of The S.E.E.D Church. If you would like to become a partner with The Seed Church ministry please email us @


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