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“Honoring Excellence” Celebration at Mile City

DETROIT – It is an honor and privilege to be the current president of the African American Fellowship for the state of Michigan. Our goal for the 1st MLK Jr. Day event was to bring together and celebrate some iconic pioneers of faith in Michigan. These ambassadors have served and dealt with church planting and ministerial duties for a period of 25+ years. They have helped pave the way for many African American preachers and teachers.

I praise God for the Holy Spirit orchestrating a network of people to glorify Him and edify His people via this event. I’m so grateful for our leadership, David Cox - Vice President, William Tillery – Treasurer, Celise Tillery – Secretary, and my wife (always by my side).

We began to diligently meet for countless hours to scrutinize every detail of this celebration. Our objective was to build a platform to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and show appreciation to our honorees for their accomplishments to glorify God and assist others.

Following much prayer for insight and wisdom, Unity became our theme.

How good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity.

Psalm 133:1

The environment of the event was electric with the excitement of worship from a collective choir, delicious food, magnetic fellowship, and a dunamis (dynamite) message from our keynote speaker Dr. Jerome Coleman from First Baptist Church of Crestmont Philadelphia, PA and Vice President of National African American Fellowship (NAAF). 

The event featured touching accolades for these ambassadors and a video on their perspective of unity. Some of our nominees had made their transition to our Lord. It was a blessing to hear from their grandchildren who also displayed a legacy for unity. 

We had three types of awards. The trailblazer award was bestowed to an individual who started and diligently remained faithful to the call. Honorees: Nathaniel Bishop, Rev. Charles Swain, Deacon Ron Swain, Rev. Dr. Stan Parker, Rev. Dr. Robert Coverson, Rev. Dr. Rochelle Davis Jr.

In addition, the Ananias award (Sister Odelle Cadwell) and the Barnabas award (Rev. Wayne Parker) for individuals who are willing to go outside of their comfort zone and embrace others with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Michigan-AAF team conveys a huge and special shout out to our gracious host Pastor Travis Whittaker and his outstanding Mile City team. Our relationship is a reflection of our unity in Christ.

Finally, the deep concern is living unity daily. We want to work closer with more churches, and with more leadership regarding cultural representation for our state. We look forward to building bridges that will last until the return of our Lord. We’re better together.



Pastor Cornelius Roberson is a church planter of Heart and Soul Community Church. They have two locations. One in the city of Detroit and West Bloomfield twp. He is married to the love of his life Marisa Roberson for 26 years. Three sons Ju’vonne, Andrew, and CJ. We are the grandparents of four grandchildren, Josiah, Jordan, Jayden, Jayla.


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