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Fusion Camp for 2nd-6th graders

by Rachel LaBelle

ROSCOMMON, MI – Kids have a lot going on in their world these days. School, extracurricular activities, family and friend concerns, screens, and a thousand other things that have their attention.

At camp, we get a short window to replace the busyness of their daily lives and invite them to a safe place where they can focus on Christ. Some would argue that camp creates a mountaintop high and nothing more, but the long-term impact of camp cannot be denied.

Through camp, countless children have accepted Christ as their Savior. Whether they hear the Gospel for the first time—or in a new way that finally makes it all click—there is no denying that Christ-centered camps have a giant impact on our youth.

Kids walk away with a deeper knowledge of Christ, form lifelong Christian friendships, and gain new experiences that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. For a few days in the summer, we get to be the loudest voice pouring into them and preparing them to be a light in their world.

Fusion is a new camp for kids who have completed 2nd-6th grade. The camp is designed to take kids out of their normal routine and place them in a safe and exciting environment where Christ is central, and every moment is intentional.

Whether campers are in worship, Bible study, swimming, or playing games, everything is designed with the intention to draw kids closer to others and Christ. At Fusion, we play hard, we worship hard, we pursue God with everything we have, and we open our hearts to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This year’s camp theme is, “Only a Holy God.” During daily worship and small group discussions, campers will learn about God’s character. Campers will see that God created all things, sovereignly rules over His creation, and ultimately wins over Satan, sin, and death. Throughout their time at camp, kids will participate in worship, recreation, and Bible study— all at an age-appropriate level.

Fusion Camp will provide the staff necessary to run camp; however, churches are expected to provide one sponsor per gender. Sponsors should expect to:

  • Take responsibility for their kids’ general well-being and monitor their kids outside of scheduled programming

  • Lead nightly church debrief time (questions to spark discussion will be provided, but you are not required to use them)

  • Be present and encourage their kids as they participate in activities

Fusion will be at Bambi Lake, June 26-28, 2022. The cost is $150/camper and $120/sponsor, early bird pricing ends May 1st. You can register using the QR code or website below.

Space is limited-sign up early!

Have more questions? We’d be happy to talk! Contact us at:

Rachel LaBelle: 616-283-1661

Kristina Borza: 586-438-4383



Rachel LaBelle has a heart for camp ministry and has served at different camps in a variety of capacities over the years. Resurrection Church; Lincoln Park, MI.


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