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Free training to prepare your church for the Coronavirus

NASHVILLE, TN – Learn how to prepare your church for the Coronavirus.

Is your church prepared to respond to a pandemic in your community, like the coronavirus?

With the spread of the coronavirus, we want to help churches take the appropriate measures to plan, prepare, and protect their people from a pandemic.

That is why we have put together this free training on How to Prepare for the Coronavirus in Your Church.This FREE training includes...

  • What to include in your plan

  • Metrics to follow to begin implementation

  • How to alter common weekly ministry practices

  • What to do should you need to cancel Sunday services

  • Downloads of several ministry checklists for basic hygiene, cleaning, and weekly task suggestions.

No Strings Attached - Seriously

Our team simply wants to help you and your church take the appropriate measures to protect your church and have a plan in place to continue to make disciples in the midst of a pandemic.


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