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Fear in the time of quarantine

LANSING, MI – Pastor Coye Bouyer’s biggest takeaway during the Covid-19 crisis is how many people are afraid and functioning in fear. He says,”The most challenging thing during the quarantine was the realization of the significant fear of so many people.”

Bouyer is the church planter of Kingdom Life Church in Lansing. He and his wife, Keturah, have four children and all are living at home. He says that in the midst of everything, Kingdom Life Church is doing well.

Like most churches, the “shelter at home” order has brought more people to their Facebook page since they moved their services online. Because they are getting more traffic on their page, Bouyer is trying to add more content about their church. Church leaders are assigned a certain number of people each week to reach out and check up on their members.

Bouyer is leading an online Bible study from the Book of Ruth. He says it’s to know that God is working, and for us to operate from a place of faith instead of fear and panic.

The pastor adds that there are positive things happening as well. He has been able to spend more time with his family. We have all been able to have a time of mandatory rest, and it gives us an opportunity to stop and hear God more clearly. That quiet has revealed many individual issues that have not been dealt with; things like, addictions, dysfunction, and our dependence on money and things. Those are all things we need to see before God can address them.

Bouyer’s prayer is that he, his family, and his church can all remember that God is in control. He adds, “Our lives are in his hands. He is working out His plans and ‘We are okay’.”


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