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Discipleship opportunities for women

by Sue Hodnett

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – One step at a time. We all have a next step to take, whether it’s your first step or one of many in a long journey with God. Leading and serving is about more than liking Jesus or knowing about Him. It's about becoming like Him.

“Rather than view women as risks, liabilities, or burdens, Jesus invited them to draw near.”

~ Jen Wilkin.

How as women do we view Jesus?

“We see Him as the one who welcomes women and defends their right to learn from Him.”

~ Rebecca McLaughlin.

Bible studies, small groups, leadership training and trustworthy courses to assist women into God’s Word are not only vital but biblical.

Our desire is to assist you in developing the leadership skills needed to make disciples of Jesus who live on mission. Sharing knowledge and tools needed to start a new ministry or take the next step in your current ministry.

Ministry Center

Training and Resourcing for Christian Women Leaders.

Bible Studies & Leadership Courses (FALL 2022)

1) ISAIAH: STRIVING LESS & TRUSTING GOD MORE (Melissa Spoelstra |Lifeway)

Discover a life truth: Following God isn’t about striving; it’s about trusting God more. In this study, we will unpack Isaiah’s words to reveal that we can trust God more than our human effort. You won’t be striving harder, but instead trusting more deeply the Faithful One who is so worthy of our utter dependence.

Wednesdays 10am – 12pm @ the Ministry Center

7 Weeks / Begins October 3rd


CWLC, National WMU

Participants look closely at the role of grace in their lives and to accept the invitation to go in the way of peace as they lead. Upside-Down Leadership (New Hope Publishers), by Taylor Field, is the course text. Online Course/Student completes assignment on their own, we meet on zoom weekly to review and encourage.

Thursdays 7:00pm – 8:30pm via zoom call

4 Weeks / Begins October 3rd

Cost: $30 / online course fee


Gives participants opportunities to discover the meaning of leading with a biblical perspective based on Christian values. Real Women Leading with Proverbs 31 Values (New Hope Publishers), by Lisa Troyer and Dawn Yoder, is the course textbook. Online Course/Student completes assignment on their own, we meet on zoom weekly to review and encourage.

Tuesdays 7:00pm – 8:30pm via zoom call

4 Weeks / Begins November 1st

Cost: $30 / online course fee

4) MINISTRY TO WOMEN (Kelly D King |Lifeway)

The Essential Guide for Leading Women in the Local Church Providing a theological framework as a foundation for practical ministry, this guide by Women’s Ministry Specialist Kelly D. King covers a range of topics relevant to the modern leader, including discipleship, events, mentorship, communication, crisis, and more.

Wednesdays 7:00pm – 8:30pm @ the Ministry Center

7 Weeks / Begins October 3rd

To Register for Course(s)

National WMU

National WMU has launched a focus on mental health. This self-guided course will provide you with an understanding of mental health challenges and how they impact those around you. It will equip you with resources for leading training conferences on mental health.

This course costs $20.

Register Now

Lifeway Women Academy

Online Courses for Women

We want to fuel the ministry of women just like you in churches around the world by helping you to treasure biblical truth for yourself.

Learn more about the Academy at:

Women's Ministry is dedicated to strengthening the women of BSCM by encouraging, equipping, and engaging them to live intentional lives to the glory of God. Our ministry opportunities are of culturally relevant content, guided by a missional mindset, compassionate care, and places value on the development of women in leadership.

Women’s Ministries provide encouragement and support the professional development of women leaders in our churches. We come alongside our pastors and ministry leaders to provide resources and support in Leadership Development, Compassion Ministries, Missions Discipleship and Administration.

Visit: for the most current women’s ministry information.



Sue Hodnett serves as women’s ministry leader for the BSCM as well as WMU Michigan Executive Director. She has dedicated her life to ministering to women in Michigan.



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