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Destination of renovation

by Mick Schatz

ROSCOMMON, MI – Over the last few months here at Bambi Lake, we have been diligently working to renovate the inside of the Wilson Building. After 20 years of service-camps, retreats, parties, countless meals, adults and teenagers, it was past time.

It was time for new colors on the walls, new carpet on the floors, and new decor all around. We had been discussing this undertaking for quite some time, and had a good idea of what we wanted the look and feel of the building to be. However, reaching the desired outcome has proven to be quite the journey. I refer to it as the Destination of Renovation.

The motivation to renovate usually comes from the amount of disrepair that exists, or just the simple fact that the building (or whatever you're renovating) should look and function better.

So a vision for what could be was imagined, and we began the journey of what we thought was a reasonable timeline to reach our imagined destination. We soon discovered having a strict timeline for our renovation was like trying to find Bigfoot - pointless!

Unlike building something from the ground up, we encountered multiple pre-existing issues throughout the renovation that had to be corrected before more renovation could be done. The tearing out of the old to replace with new was very time consuming and often physically painful and difficult work.

Readjusting the vision to overcome previous construction flaws added more time and cost. Some of us had to learn new skills to complete the tasks when skilled laborers were not available. The fact of the matter is reaching the Destination of Renovation has been difficult, downright frustrating, and stressful. However, the end result has proven to be beautiful!

I can’t help but equate this experience to the renovations Jesus performs in my life (sometimes it seems constant). His desire is to dwell and be at home - be comfortable in my life. He lovingly comes in, and begins to renovate every room in my life where He doesn’t feel comfortable. This process can be kinda scary, and the journey painful because I like to overlook my flaws.

I like my stuff and I’m comfortable with my sin - don’t mess with it! I have a lot of pre-existing defects, and old glitches that have to be torn out and made new. Ephesians 14:17-19 says that Jesus wants to live in my house, and fill every room with His Love so my life can be rooted and continually grow and be filled with all of Him.

If I’m gonna be filled with all of Him, He’s gotta get rid of all of me (selfish junk and pride). I wish the renovation could happen overnight, it won’t. It’s a process- Jesus is the Master Builder, and the reconstruction happens according to His timeline. So I can trust we will reach the Destination of Renovation and it will be beautiful!



Mick Schatz serves on the staff of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan. He is the State Director of Spiritual Enrichment and Retreats and lives at Bambi Lake.


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