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  • Mick Schatz

Closing a chapter at Bambi Lake

ROSCOMMON – I was first introduced to Bambi Lake Retreat and Conference Center in the fall of 2016 having no idea where this introduction was going to lead. For almost seven years Bambi has been my home, my work and my passion. Rarely a day has gone by that I have not dreamed about what Bambi could be or thankful for what it has been.

God has been mighty in this place and I’m humbled to say He is still moving and working in the hearts of those who come here. God meets people here in very real and personal ways. Searching hearts are still finding Him, and hurting souls are still finding healing here in His presence. From the first day I stepped foot on Bambi property until this very moment, I am keenly aware that I am walking on sacred ground.

More than a half century ago God chose Bambi to be a special place for the Southern Baptist of Michigan. A special place to encounter Jesus, hear His voice, and be transformed by His presence. A special place to find rest from the journey and nourishment for the soul. A special place to be spiritually equipped and refreshed. A special place to fellowship in a community of believers and be strengthened by their stories and friendships. A special place to bless God while completely immersed in the splendor of His creation. A special place of salvation for those who respond to the call of the Holy Spirit. A special place of declaration for the hundreds who have been baptized in the cold spring waters of the lake. A special place where all are welcome - a special place, a God place.

I am honored and humbled to be a chapter in the story of Bambi. However, like all chapters in a book, they must end so a new chapter can begin. The end of 2023 will mark the end of my chapter as a director for the BSCM and Bambi Lake. It has been the most incredible blessing and privilege to serve the churches of the BSCM. I have been blessed to work alongside you as we together have striven to “punch holes in the darkness” and bring Kingdom light to the lost and blind.

Thank you for allowing me to worship with you in your churches and together here at Bambi. Thank you for inviting me to encounter your many unique cultural expressions of worship. I am extremely grateful for the many opportunities to be on mission, side-by-side with the nations who have come to Bambi to encounter the Father of Lights, the only King forever.

I would like to say thank-you to BSCM Executive Director Tim Patterson for allowing me this incredible opportunity to serve here at Bambi Lake. Your friendship and mentoring in my life has challenged me to be Godly and love Him more everyday. Thank you BSCM staff for your encouragement and friendship. Your passion for gospel transformation in Michigan is awe-inspiring and infectious. Lastly, thank you to my amazing family, that is the Bambi Staff. It’s been an incredible journey and I will miss your friendship and love. Because of your hard work, servant attitude, and hospitality, Bambi truly represents the heart of God - a place of love for all people. May the God of peace, bless you and keep you and continue to shine His light on Bambi and all the churches of the BSCM.

Peace out!



Mick Schatz serves on the staff of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan. He is the State Director of Spiritual Enrichment and Retreats and lives at Bambi Lake.


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