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Senior Pastor Needed

Eastside Community Church

22312 Kelly Rd.

Eastpointe, MI 48021

For complete details and application procedure, CLICK HERE.

Worship Leader needed

CrossPointe Church in Monroe, Michigan


  • $15,000 - 20,000 per year (approx. 15 hours per week)

  • 3 weeks of paid vacation per year to start


CrossPointe Church is a medium-sized church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) located in Monroe, Michigan. We offer two identical worship services on Sunday mornings which include; biblical expositional preaching, scripture reading, prayer, theologically rich music, and regular observance of the biblical ordinances (Lord’s Supper and Baptism). Our music style may be considered “contemporary” as we are led by a team of musicians (piano, guitar(s), drums, bass, vocals, etc.). Within our “contemporary” style of music, we value both old and new songs that are theologically rich and thus seek to glorify God (examples: Citizens & Saints, Sojourn Music, Getty Music, Sovereign Grace Music, Indelible Grace Music, CityAlight, Norton Hall Band). Please see the following website for more information regarding CrossPointe’s doctrinal statement, leadership, history, and ministries.


Monroe is a city of approximately 20,000 people located on the western shore of Lake Erie. It is equal distance from Detroit (MI), Ann Arbor (MI), and Toledo (OH).


CrossPointe Church is seeking a gifted man to serve as our next Worship Leader. This position works with the Lead Pastor in planning and implementing all areas of the Christ-centered worship ministry at CrossPointe Church.


  • Should be a man who is actively pursuing holiness of life by the grace of God (1 Tim 4:7-10).

  • Should be evangelical, conservative theologically, and in agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

  • Should be proficient to lead vocally in worship services.

  • Should be proficient to lead instrumentally with guitar or keys in worship services.

  • Should have experience in leading a team of musicians.

  • Should have experience with audio and video technology.

  • Prefer knowledge of ProPresenter and Planning Center.


  • Direct the planning, organizing, and evaluating of the worship ministry.

  • Recruit, train, and schedule the worship team members (music, sound, media).

  • Lead and oversee weekly rehearsals for the worship team.


Disciple the worship team members.

  • Manage all church media content (website, social media).

  • Work with the lead pastor and ministry team leaders to actively and creatively use all media content as a tool to communicate about the ministries of CrossPointe Church.

  • Supervise and maintain all supplies, instruments, and equipment related to the worship ministry.

  • Prepare an estimated annual worship ministry budget and administer the approved worship ministry budget.

  • Participate in scheduled staff and ministry leader meetings.

  • Upon request, assist in music preparation for weddings, funerals, and other church and/or denomination related activities.

**Please submit resume and sample of worship leading to:

Senior Pastor Needed

Eastside Community Church Harper Woods, MI


One of our most distinctive characteristics at Eastside is our emphasis on multicultural unity in Christ. We seek to build a fellowship of believers that mirrors the world around us, to develop the bond between men and women from different races, countries, classes, and religions; that vary in their gifts and talents; but stand united in their faith.


Eastside Community Church:

  • Champions the Biblical principle of the equality of all people.

  • Promotes powerful practical ministries that address people’s needs.

  • Commits itself to promote the process of increasing maturity and spiritual growth in the life of its members.


Eastside’s mission to dynamically proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the East Side of Metro Detroit and beyond, using any Biblical means, particularly emphasizing the Gospel’s unifying power for all cultures, ethnicities and people groups (Acts 1:8). This mission is best summarized in the phrase: To know Him and Make Him Known.

EASTSIDE PASTORAL EXPECTATIONS - include but are not limited to the following:

  • The Senior Pastor is to provide spiritual and pastoral leadership to the membership of Eastside Community Church

  • The Senior Pastor will share in mission and vision of Eastside Community Church.

  • The Senior Pastor is to put God first in all he does.

  • The Senior Pastor will serve as the chief administrator of the congregation so that it will fulfill its mission and purpose as the body of Christ.

  • The senior pastor should share, through leadership and example, the pastoral responsibilities of the church. He shall lead the church as a “playing coach” acting as a facilitator, a trainer and encourager of the gifts within the congregation.

  • The Senior Pastor will serve as the church’s primary Preacher/Teacher with messages based on the Holy Bible.

  • The Senior Pastor will meet the traits as outlined in 1 Timothy 2-3 and Titus 1:6-9.


  • Denomination: Baptist

  • Affiliations: Southern Baptist Convention, Greater Detroit Baptist Association, Baptist State Convention of Michigan

  • Church Size: 50-75

  • Compensation: To be discussed

  • Worship Style: Contemporary


Applicants should submit application packet which includes:

  • Resume

  • 3 Personal References

  • 3 Church References (if available at this time)

  • A narrative describing your theology, testimony and beliefs

  • A recording of 2-3 sermons (CD, DVD or online link)

By Mail: Pastoral Search Committee c/o Eastside Community Church PO BOX 681 St Clair Shores, MI 48080

By email (preferred delivery method):

Thank you for prayerfully considering this ministry opportunity.


The Senior Pastor is to provide spiritual and pastoral leadership to the membership of Eastside Community Church and is committed to the mission and vision of Eastside Community Church. The Senior Pastor is to put God first in all he does. The Senior Pastor will serve as the chief administrator of the congregation so that it might fulfill its mission and purpose as the body of Christ. The senior pastor should share, through leadership and example, the pastoral responsibilities of the church. He shall lead the church as a “playing coach” acting as a facilitator, a trainer and encourager of the gifts within the congregation. The Senior Pastor will meet the traits as outlined in 1 Timothy 2-3 and Titus 1:6-9.

Accountability: The Senior Pastor is ultimately responsible to the Lord for his service. He is accountable to the Church Board who is responsible to the congregation in accordance to the conditions outlined in the Eastside Community Church Constitution

Responsibilities: Subject to review and adjustment as needed and identified by the Church Board.

Working Conditions: The position of Senior Pastor requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings and weekends. The pastor should accessible to members of the congregation and for regular communication with members of the church staff. The Senior Pastor will establish dedicated office hours weekly that will be published. In the event the Pastor needs to adjust this time, it should be communicated to the Church Board and posted at least 2 weeks in advance and a substitute time should be established.


The Senior Pastor is responsible for the direction, guidance and ministry of the church, including its priorities and spiritual vitality as outlined by 1 Peter 5:2-4. He is to accomplish this through:

  1. Helping to develop, promote and support the vision/mission/values of Eastside Community Church

  2. Guiding the church direction by example, and by preaching, teaching, fellowship, and the emphasis of missions and evangelism.

  3. Interacting with, developing and encouraging church leadership

  4. Promoting the process of spiritual maturity in the lay leadership.

  5. Assisting the church in developing policy and direction

  6. Providing confidentiality to the congregation and church leadership

  7. Commitment to personal discipleship and spiritual growth 2

  8. Strong leadership and organizational skills, although may utilize others where assistance is needed

  9. Deep personal desire to evangelize as the Lord enables, provides and commands


The senior pastor relationships in the church structure are as follows:

  1. He is accountable to the Eastside Community Church Board.

  2. All positioned leaders, paid and volunteer staffs are ultimately responsible to him or his designated representatives.

  3. Will serve as the primary representative of Eastside Community Church establishing contacts within the local community and the Greater Detroit Baptist Association


The duties of the Senior Pastor include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Serves as the church’s primary Preacher – Teacher. He seeks to base his messages on the Bible, relating Scriptures to everyday experiences. This is done in order to encourage faithfulness with regards to living a dynamic Christian life while being guided by the Holy Spirit.

  2. Leads the congregation towards an understanding and acceptance of its confirmed vision. Guides the church toward the fulfillment of that vision. He provides general oversight for all Church ministries.

  3. To assist in planning and lead regular and special worship services in conjunction with the worship ministry leader(s). The Senior Pastor should be available prior to service start.

  4. Will serve as the President of the Church Board in accordance to the Eastside Community Church Constitution

  5. Will lead the efforts to establish and maintain the Spiritual Oversight Committee, Deacons within the first year of the position.

  6. Offers Pastoral Care through counseling and ministerial services such as visitation, weddings, funerals, baptisms and baby dedications.

  7. Will serve as a resource for Church Ministry Leaders. Will provide vision, support, supervise and manage as required. Will work with leaders to help and maintain programs that will benefit the congregation and community as the Lord enables and provides (Bible Studies, Special Services, VBS, Outreach Programs).

  8. Attends all church leadership meetings and is prepared to report on ministry activities and the church’s status.

  9. Represents the church through venues outside of the church for the promotion of the church’s mission, the SBC mission and/or the furtherance of the overall mission of the Universal church of Jesus Christ.

Minister of Youth and Music

Highland Crest Baptist Church in Green Bay, Wisconsin is seeking to hire a full-time Pastor to oversee all aspects of the youth ministry and worship ministry under the direction of the Lead Pastor. The ideal candidate would meet the biblical qualifications of an elder, have a passion for youth and families, and possess the necessary musical abilities to lead worship.


While Highland Crest (average attendance pre-covid was 225) is over 65 years old, Pastor Chad has led the church in exploring revitalization since being named Pastor in the Spring of 2019. This has resulted in examining the church’s past, assessing ministries, and setting a strategy to disciple. Recently, the church enthusiastically approved the construction of a youth room. In addition, leaders believe that the primary responsibility of discipling children/youth rest with Mom and Dad. Leadership is committed to investing in a Christ-exalting student ministry. Highland Crest is a “singing church” that trends towards old and new hymns (i.e. Getty’s, Boswell, Papa, Tomlin).


  • Coordinating and promoting Bible study, discipleship training, outreach, missions, recreation, music, etc., for the youth program.

  • Leading and working together with the youth leadership team in planning and directing activities, including youth camp, mission trips, retreats, weekday Bible study, conferences, etc.

  • Enlisting and training leadership in the youth program.

  • Advising in the use of program materials for grades 6‐12.

  • Developing a systematic program of outreach for the youth.

  • Developing a program to meet the needs of youth parents and involve them in the youth ministry.

  • Preparing and submitting the Youth Ministry annual budget to Finance Committee.

  • Praying regularly for the youth leadership team and the youth.


  • Work with the Lead Pastor in planning, coordinating, and executing worship services

  • Lead all music portions of weekly services

  • Plan and lead weekly worship practices

  • Coordinating the use of instrumental and vocal groups and soloists in worship.

  • Manage and maintain all technology for the worship ministry

  • Recruit, develop, and lead musicians, vocalists, and the A/V team

  • Oversee worship media creation and presentation

  • Preparing and submitting the Music Ministry annual budget to Finance Committee.


  • Must be able to express a call to ministry

  • Must meet the qualifications of an elder according to 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9

  • Must be in doctrinal agreement with the Baptist Faith & Message

  • Must have completed or be in the process of completing a bible college/seminary degree

  • Must be able to preach and teach God’s Word

  • Must have necessary musical & vocal ability to lead worship

  • Must pass a background check


If interested, please submit the following documents to

  • Resume including three personal references

  • One-page introduction letter about yourself and your call to ministry

Associate Pastor

Biblical References: Acts 20:28-32; 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-4

The Associate Pastor is an ordained minister and responsible to assist the Senior

Pastor with ministerial and support needs as they arise. The Associate, like the Pastor,

is not responsible for doing all the work of ministry in the church, but for seeing it is

done properly. The Associate Pastor may be assigned specific tasks to perform or

areas of ministry to administrate, like religious education, or on-going age group ministry

of a church like Youth or Family. Parsonage available for the associate pastor if desired.


  • May be assigned a specific ministry target group to oversee.

  • Support the growth of a multi-generational membership at Harmony.

  • In absence of Pastor, receive his ministerial phone calls, lead staff meetings, oversee and lead worship services, and other ministerial duties.

  • Oversee all ministry counseling needs from the church membership and requests from the community.

  • Pray with church members and guests who express difficulties in their life.

  • Oversees the Benevolent Ministry of the church.

  • Teaches regular Bible study classes.

  • Visits nursing care facilities and homebound individuals/age group specific members.

  • Conducts weddings and funerals for church members.

  • Visits grieving church members.

  • Represents the Senior Pastor at committee and ministry team meetings as requested.

  • Cooperates with all staff to promote the entire ministry plan of the church.

  • Serves as an effective liaison to church committees and team ministry efforts.

  • Maintains a continued growth of personal calling and walk with the Lord through Bible study and prayer.

  • Maintains personal priorities with home and family as the spiritual leader.

  • Develops and exercises Personal Evangelism within and outside the church.

  • Gives graciously to the church through tithes and offerings.

  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Interested parties please send resume and/or questions per below information:

Church Contact: Bill King


Harmony Baptist

6475 Ann Arbor Rd

Jackson, Michigan 49201

Mission Team Needed

Faith Fellowship Baptist Church is in need of individuals or Mission teams who are willing to assist in a rehab Housing project for Veterans and Single Moms with children. The project has started and we hope to have the Duplex completed by November 1, 2020. We will receive any and all volunteers no matter your skill level. We can accommodate individuals for a day or week. 

Please contact Faith Fellowship Baptist Church at or call 517-853-9897, if you are interested.

Pastor/Director of Youth Ministry

New Hope Baptist Church, SBC, 149 Highland Ave. East Lansing, MI 48823

Position: Pastor/Director of Youth Ministry (EM). The position is part time (flexible hours, but includes evenings and weekends for special events.).

Position purpose: To direct and lead programming for youth and EM college students. The pastor/director of Youth Ministry shall seek to foster Christian community building relationship with young people that strengthen their commitment to the church and growth in faith in Jesus Christ.

The Pastor/Director of Youth Ministry shall:

  1. Serve as the primary staff person relating to the Youth Ministry under the supervision of Senior Pastor.

  2. Oversee the recruitment and training of adult volunteers to work with middle and high school age groups.

  3. Plan and implement age-appropriate activities for middle, high school age youth, and college students that promote community through fellowship, fun and faith development. Such activities might include musicals and dramatic presentations, small group Bible study, retreats and service projects.

  4. Preach a sermon in the Youth Ministry worship service on Sunday.

  5. Promote Christian service through age-appropriate service projects.

  6. Work with other church directors to support and intra-Baptist Church Youth Group in witch youth leaders and youth work together to proclaim the gospel as traditionally understood by New Hope Baptist Church.

  7. Develop small group Bible study materials that might be age-appropriate and best serves to promote spiritual maturity.

Desired Qualifications:

  1. Experience with youth, college students, and family ministry, education or significant experience in English/youth ministry.

  2. Good organizational/communication/leadership skills.

  3. Graduate or student of a regionally or nationally accredited seminary.

Salary: Salary will be competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience. Anticipated salary range: $15,600–18,200 (part time only).

Contact Information:

New Hope Baptist Church

Pastor Sam Byungman Park

149 Highland Ave.

East Lansing, MI 48823

15-Passenger Van Needed

Word Encounter Church in Detroit, Michigan is looking for a 15-Passenger church van to pickup our young people for our special youth programs and pick up adults for our drug rehab program. If there is any ministry or church who can assist us in the effort please contact Pastor Steven Perry at 616-643-3567. For more information check out our website at

Bi-vocational Pastor

Good News Baptist Church (Abundant Life) in Iron Mountain, Michigan is seeking a bi-vocational Southern Baptist lead Pastor. It is a small congregation of 20 people presently that rents a church corner space in the White Birch Plaza (see photo). Iron Mountain has a population of approximately 7,600 and is the County Seat of the Dickinson County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The church is able to offer a small salary. More details on the salary may be discussed directly with the church. Please send resumes to or (906) 828-1276.

*NOTE: If you previously sent your resume to the old email address, please resend your resume to the new address listed above. Thank you!

Church Information Packets

The information previously mailed out in the Church Information Packets will now be available online at for all churches to download, print, and use!


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