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Classified Ad Submission Guidelines

  1. Baptist Beacon classifieds are posted free of charge.

  2. All classified posts will run for 2 consecutive months.  Longer or shorter times may be requested. Publication of classifieds correspond with the monthly publication of the Baptist Beacon.

  3. Classifieds must be from a BSCM church.

  4. Be sure to include thorough details of request, name of church, contact information as well as a point of contact.

  5. Submissions must be made no later than the 10th of the month prior to publication.

  6. Submit all classified ads to


December 2022

Bi-vocational or Semi-retired Pastor

A small church that serves a mighty God, in Hastings, MI is searching for a pastor. We are looking for a Bi-vocational and or Semi-retired minister who would be interested in helping this body of believers continue to reach the Barry County/Hastings area for the cause of Christ. If you would be interested in serving this congregation, please send a resume to:

Search Committee

Community Baptist Church

502 E. Grand St.

Hastings, Michigan 49058


November 2022

Bi-vocational Pastor

First Baptist Church of Trenton, Trenton, Michigan 48183 is looking for a Bi-vocational Pastor. Our church is surrounded by residential homes giving great opportunity to reach people. Our current Pastor is retiring February 26, 2023 after spending 65 years serving in the Pastoral Ministry. We are a small congregation of dedicated servants of God and excited to see what He has in store for us next. We are mostly made up of older, mature members with traditional services and values. We are looking for someone that can relate to the younger generation to spur us in growth leading us in sharing the gospel to the people around us.

Being a smaller congregation, we are limited in what can afford to pay a new pastor. But we have a lot to offer in opportunity. We own and meet in a former elementary school in the middle of a subdivision. Located on 6+ acres of land that would allow many outreach opportunities for the right leader. We are looking for an energetic pastoral candidate to lead us in reaching the people around us sharing God’s loving Word.

The plumb-line to measure the Christian character and qualifications of our pastoral candidate comes from God’s Holy Word. Passages include 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Peter 5:1-4 and following the SBC 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. We expect sound doctrine and to be prepared in leading our worship services and teaching. We are looking for someone to help lead us in reaching the lost and baptizing in the Lord’s name. Someone that can be there to meet the needs of the people whether funerals, weddings, counseling or other church and community events. We are looking for someone that would be living in the area of the church to be available in God’s service. This is a great opportunity for the right man of God to reach the lost around us.

For those interested, please respond by sending your resume by January 30, 2023.

  • Email:

  • Mail: First Baptist Church of Trenton ATTN: Pastor Search Committee 4049 Longmeadow Dr. Trenton, MI 48183

  • Call: 248-568-7940 Larry Bibee (Deacon) 734-756-7118 David Jones (Minister of Music)


October 2022

Mission Trip Opportunity

We are a small mission church in the middle of the South-Central Utah mountains near Bryce Canyon National Park. We are undertaking two tasks simultaneously; building a home for our future pastor and developing Sunday School space for our church. Rob Lee, Executive Director of the Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention, suggested I reach out to you as we are looking for construction crews to help us build our parsonage. We are preparing to start the construction in April/May 2023 and would like to take advantage of the time we have to line up our labor force ahead of time. More information about our church can be found at and If interested, please contact:

Tammi Newsted, Church Clerk and Project Manager Valley Christian Fellowship Cell phone: (435) 690-0018


September 2022

FREE Church Pews

Church pews available in Eastpointe. There are 15 pews that each seat seven people comfortably.

Please contact Pastor Damon Gardzelewski at if you are interested.


September 2022


Fellowship Baptist Church is seeking a Pastor who will preach the Word of God, shepherd the church and impact the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Job Description:

Fellowship’s Pastor will lead this congregation, devoting himself to prayer and the ministry of the Word. Fellowship Baptist Church is looking for someone who believes that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and in the importance of the entirety of the Bible, and therefore is willing and able to preach in a consecutive expository manner through the books of the Bible where the main idea of the passage will be the focus of the message, as well as be able to preach topically as the Lord guides. The goal will be to teach the entirety of the Bible and to help the congregation apply it to their daily lives. He will faithfully shepherd the members and attendees of Fellowship, seeking their growth to spiritual maturity, and equipping them for the work of the ministry. This will include pastoral counseling, one-on-one discipleship, teaching the new membership class, shepherding through grief, officiating funerals and weddings, and administrating the ordinances. He will have oversight and pastoral authority over the ministries of the church. There will be administrative duties related to managing a small church as well as being the contact person between the church and the community, with a passion for outreach to the local community and beyond.

Fellowship Baptist Church is located in southeastern Michigan in Saline Home - Saline Area Chamber of Commerce ( Saline is an educated and affluent community 7 miles south of Ann Arbor, MI. Ann Arbor, MI is the home of the University of Michigan.

The Qualifications:

Master of Divinity from an accredited evangelical seminary Experience as pastor, associate pastor, or youth pastor The Pastor will demonstrate the character and teaching abilities described in passages such as Titus 1:5-9 and 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

To apply, send your letter of interest and resume to or:

Fellowship Baptist Church – Personnel

1045 W Bemis

Saline MI 48106



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