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Bouyer announced as the new BSCM Diversity Ambassador

by BSCM staff

PLYMOUTH, MI – The Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM) announced the hiring of Rev. Coye Bouyer as the BSCM’s Diversity Ambassador. Bouyer’s role will be to connect with ethnic pastors across the BSCM mission field, to encourage pastors in their ministry settings, and to be a bridge of communication between the BSCM and the state’s ethnic pastors. BSCM Executive-Director, Tim Patterson said, “I am thrilled to be serving alongside Coye in this ministry. I have found Coye to be a delightful and loving kind of leader.”

In addition to the responsibilities laid out for Bouyer’s position, he has a list of personal goals that he hopes to accomplish. He says they include developing relationships, to embrace the diverse forms of worship and church across Michigan, and to be a bridge builder between the BSCM and the state’s minority churches.

Tim Patterson announced the hiring in a letter to BSCM churches. The letter can be read in its entirety below.


Dear BSCM Family,

It is my privilege to introduce to you the newest member of the Baptist State Convention Staff. Rev. Coye Bouyer will serve as our new Diversity Ambassador for our state. I am thrilled to be serving alongside Coye in this ministry. I have found Coye to be a delightful and loving individual that passionately loves his Lord and his family. Coye also has a deep desire to be the kind of leader who can understand and communicate effectively with people from all walks of life, backgrounds and ethnicities. I see in Coye a wonderful and godly leader. His role and responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  • Serve as Diversity Ministry Ambassador for the Baptist State Convention of Michigan as directed by Timothy Patterson, BSCM Executive Director

  • Connect with all Ethnic Pastors in the BSCM Mission field.

  • Encourage pastors in their ministry settings across Michigan and express our appreciation for them.

  • Share our 500 by 2025 vision with pastors and challenge them to join the movement.

  • Point pastors to resources that are available, especially on our website and in the Baptist Beacon and other SBC resources.

  • Explain the Cooperative Program and the power of our partnership to advance God’s Kingdom together and demonstrate the various methods used to contribute.

  • Be a bridge of communication between our state offices and our ethnic pastors and leaders.

Pastor Coye shared some of his aspirations in his new role:

  1. To Develop Relationships – I want to establish and develop relationships throughout our state with other minority pastors and leaders as well as their churches.

  2. To Embrace and be Embraced – Due to the diversity of the church body different churches have differing cultural norms, worship styles and ways of acceptance into their church communities. I hope to not only embrace the diverse ways of worship and dynamics of different churches but also be embraced by my brothers and sisters who are a part of them.

  3. To Become a Bridge-Builder – The ultimate goal is to become one who connects our Michigan Southern Baptist Minority Churches with our state office; it’s staff, it’s resources and its vision for Michigan Southern Baptist. As well, I would like to see the State office connect and build authentic and intentional relationships with our Southern Baptist Minority Churches and Ministries throughout Michigan. In this role I get the privilege of connecting two parties to each other, thus becoming a Bridge-Builder.

I am so excited about Coye joining our team. I strongly encourage you to contact Coye and welcome him to the family.

Rev. Timothy C. Patterson

Executive Director

Baptist State Convention of Michigan

41100 Plymouth Rd. Bldg. 1, Suite 315

Plymouth, MI 48170

Office: 810-714-1907

Cell: 904-408-9521


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