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Blaze: Youth on fire for Christ

WESTLAND, MI – The  Michigan African American Fellowship youth group – BLAZE experience Mission Evangelism as they participated in prayer walking and the distribution of flyers in the Lemone Garden Housing Complex in Westland. It was a mission project serving One Mission Church where church planter and pastor, Antonio Wimberly, leads. 

For most of the youth this was their first encounter with prayer walking, however the youth really enjoyed the mission. After the event, a number of the youth participants said, “Our personal prayer life will be enhanced because of us praying for this community.” The Prayer Walking was a spiritual and service activity leading up to the Urban Youth conference that was held in May at One Mission Church. Today’s youth are confronted with many distractions from the world, and are often faced with detours. They can end up feeling despair. As a result, the youth selected the theme “FINDING MY PEACE” for the central discussion for the Urban Conference. Several workshops were presented to support the theme. The conference also provided other the youth from a variety of churches within the state to come together and have a time of faith, fun, and fellowship.

When asked if the African American Fellowship should sponsor this event again next year, the response was a resounding “yes”. When asked why, the response was “it allows us to learn and increase our spiritual growth in a way that meets us where we are.” As a result of the feedback, the African American Fellowship plans to repeat the Urban Conference next year. President, Dr, Stan Parker said, “He is so grateful to all of the pastors who supported this event.”



Bernice Mitchell has worked with youth for about 22 years and God has given her the strength, patience, and joy to persevere. Being a member of Temple of Faith Baptist Church in Detroit Michigan for 25 years has taught her to love God, and to be involved in several ministries, including evangelism.


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