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Back to school and back to work; Punching Holes in the Darkness podcast

by Staff

PLYMOUTH, MI – After a year and a half, many school children are going back to the in-person classroom. For churches, they are struggling with how to reopen their children’s ministries.

Just because a church declares their children ministries back, does not mean that parents will necessarily agree. So how do churches reestablish their outreach to children in a way that feels inviting, comforting, and safe.

A recent episode of the Punching Holes in the Darkness podcast, addressed that very issue. Baptist State Convention of Michigan’s (BSCM) Director of Evangelism, Mike Durbin, had a conversation with Karen Villalpando on the challenges facing churches. Karen is the Child Care Administrator at Memorial Baptist Church in Sterling Heights. Her church’s children’s ministry has remained open since the beginning of the pandemic, and she shares some advice on how they have been able to do that in a safe and healthy manner.

Punching Holes in the Darkness is a podcast of the BSCM. The podcast gives a voice to Michigan Baptists whether they are pastors or lay leaders. It deals with topics that are relevant to churches in the Upper Peninsula and in the urban centers of Michigan.

Here’s a link to the most recent episode:


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