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Antioch Baptist changes its name

by Tim Steele

ROSEVILLE, MI – One of the oldest Southern Baptist Churches in Michigan has a new name! Antioch Baptist Church in Roseville, Michigan has changed its name to “The Studio Connection, Home of Cross Waves Church.” This name change continues this church’s rich history of starting churches.

Antioch Baptist started in 1934 as a store front on Van Dyke in Detroit, MI. Through the years, Antioch Baptist started Bethel Baptist Church, Central Baptist Church and the Juneau Alaska Church. Now the church will become the home base for starting house churches across North America. Antioch Baptist was one of three churches that started the Baptist State Convention of Michigan.

Over the last couple years this small history-filled church has been on a fascinating journey. It started when Tim Steele, the pastor of Cross Waves Church, transitioned from their interim pastor to their pastor.

For the last couple of years, the weekly Bible Talks that Cross Waves streams to their home groups have been taped live at the church on Sunday mornings. So after a couple of years of these two churches working together, they have made the move more permanent even though The Studio Connection and Cross Waves Church will remain as two separate legal entities.

The name change accomplishes the following:

  1. To create a new priority in mission.

  2. How these two churches share core values.

  3. The idea of a neighborhood church with a national outreach.

  4. To avoid confusion on how these two churches share the same facility.

  5. To serve as a de facto relaunch for this ministry.

The Studio Connection builds upon the past of Antioch Baptist Church and looks forward to another fruitful 86 years of ministry for Jesus Christ.



Tim Steele is the founding and Discipleship Pastor of Cross Waves Church, a house church network, and pastor of The Studio Connection in Roseville, MI. He is married to Terri, and has two adult children and one granddaughter. Tim speaks and writes on discipleship and is also a traveling stand-up comedian.


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