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  • Bob Johnson

Ambassadors in a foreign land

ROSEVILLE – Oksana Markova is the Ukrainian Ambassador to the U.S. Ambassadors and diplomats who represent their home nations in official functions, as well as, hob-knobbing at dinners, parties, and social events. Hence the difficulty of her role.

Who wants to hear about war, death, destruction, crimes and casualty statistics at cocktail parties and banquets? At the same time, how can she be sociable and winsome (as ambassadors are expected to be) while her home is at war, and people she loves are dying? For people far removed from the conflict, they can easily forget that it is even going on.

As a follower of Christ, you too are an ambassador. Your ultimate allegiance is the kingdom of Christ. Your nation is the people of God, and your embassy is the local church. Together, we represent our home to the nation we currently live in.

Our mission is to represent our King and kingdom, and to advance the interests of our King and kingdom. We are to seek first the kingdom of God. But we live among people who, for the most part, are far removed from what we represent.

Their lives are consumed with earthly things. We watch them run on the treadmills of pleasure, power, and comfort; always pursuing but never arriving. Most are not interested in hearing about our kingdom. It does not make sense to them. Our King, they are led to believe, would get in their way.

However, there are times when an opportunity presents itself. No one can be on those treadmills for long before one gets injured or the treadmill breaks. In those moments, we often have our greatest opportunities to tell them about another King, kingdom, people, and hope.

Citizens and ambassadors of earthly nations are often embarrassed and frustrated at the antics of their leaders. It is maddening to get behind leaders whose actions and beliefs are illogical or shameful. But think of our mission. We represent a King who died for us! We represent a King who rose again! We represent a King who loves his people more than any shepherd has ever loved his sheep. We represent a King whose kingdom will never end.

Let’s represent him kindly, faithfully, and personally. Invite some people to gather with you at the embassy this Sunday so they can get an idea of what your eternal home is really like.



Bob Johnson has been serving as the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church since 1989. He has a Master of Divinity degree from the Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary (1997).


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