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A life and vision to glorify God

DETROIT – On December 4, 2023, Pastor Rochelle Davis, Jr. had completed his earthly assignment and was welcomed into the heavenly kingdom.

On December 16th, 2023, his beloved Temple of Faith Baptist Church inDetroit hosted a beautiful home-going service of celebration and repast for Dr. Rochelle Davis, Jr.

The following was written by him for that service:

I, Rochelle Davis, Jr., was born February 24, 1936, in Shreveport, Louisiana, to the union of Luella and Rochelle Davis, Sr. I was born premature, at seven months and the seventh child of twelve children to this union.


I was reared in a Christian home. My father was a deacon, and my mother was the church’s clerk. I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in August 1947. I was baptized and became a member of Elizabeth Baptist Church under the pastorate of the late Rev. H. Wilson. I was active in many of the church activities. However, in my late teens, I became a backslider influenced by peer pressure.


I was educated in the Louisiana school system attending Grand Bayou Elementary and graduating from Springville High.


On April 26, 1958, I married Mariah Drayton. We were blessed with three children: Alonzo, Reginald, and Frieda.


I continued to further my education and attended Boyce Bible School, Detroit Bible College, Institute of Holy Land Studies, Southern Seminary and many workshops, conferences, and seminars. I love the Bible and Hebrew and Greek languages.


In my early twenties, I professed my calling into the ministry, November 1963. I was ordained at Temple Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana August 1965.


In 1968, God gave me a vision to develop a people to glorify God. The Temple of Faith Baptist Church was revealed and planted into my heart long before it became a reality. The Temple of Faith was established in the family home and became a reality. The church did not come into existence from a church split, but from a vision God gave to me to share with others who were willing to participate in developing a people to glorify God and advance His Kingdom on earth.


Throughout my ministry, I have served as the Community Block Club President, Community Councils, Association Moderator, Convention President, Boards, Local and National Committees. I have also participated in many overseas projects. From 1986 to 1987, I served as President of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan.


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