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A Christmas story

LANSING, MI – Faith Fellowship Baptist Church was not closed on Christmas Day 2018. Our doors were open to share a Christmas lunch with the community. The menu included turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, ham, string beans and rolls. The desserts were a generous selection of cakes and pies. There was a warm atmosphere set by Christmas decorations, music in the background, and the singing of Christmas carols. Although everyone showed up looking for a natural feeding, they received a spiritual feeding as well.

One gentleman in particular, Glen, is a living example of that. He had lost faith in God several years ago. Growing up he was abused by family members, and felt that God could not be a God of love to allow what happen to him. Glen was enjoying his meal when he asked the question, why the church opened its doors on Christmas to feed the community. Pastor Stan replied, “Because of the love of God.” We wanted to make sure no one is left out of the celebration of God’s greatest love gift to mankind. Glen responded by saying, “How do you know God loves people?” At that moment, Pastor Stan sat down and struck up a conversation with Glen. He began to talk about the reality of the miracle birth of Jesus, and explained how much God loves mankind. God was not satisfied with how sin had brought separation between God and one of his greatest creations.

Glen continued to listen more intensely and asked if God would ever forgive someone who left Him. Stan explained to Glen that God is always standing with his arms wide open to receive his children. Angels are rejoicing when one makes a decision to turn back to God. Glen then asked if the church had any old bibles around where he could began reading again. Pastor Stan replied, “we don’t have any old bibles”, and Glen’s head dropped. Then Pastor Stan said, “But we have brand new bibles, and let us give you one as a Christmas present.” Glen’s face lit up with delight.

At the end of the meal, Pastor Stan gave Glen a bible and additional food to take home. Glen left feeling loved and cared for. Today He is being discipled by Pastor Stan and has a renewed hope in our great God.

Everyone enjoyed the warm, festive atmosphere set by the background music and the singing of Christmas carols. Our community had gathered for a meal, and it was truly the feeling of a home style Christmas. The love and light of Christ shone into the lives of the people there that afternoon.



Joy Gleason is an Office Assistant with Faith Fellowship Baptist Church, Lansing, Michigan.


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