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Michigan Disaster Relief making a difference

FENTON, MI – In 2019, Michigan Disaster Relief will continue to meet the needs of communities that are affected by disasters whether this is in our state or in other states across the country. One way those needs can be met is with increased attendance at Disaster Relief training events. There will be one scheduled training event in May at Bambi which will be in combination with a week-long chainsaw mission to help Bambi remove unwanted trees and brush. Additional training will be conducted at the request of churches or associations. We have found when training is requested and scheduled by a church or association, it is better attended and the resulting trained volunteers tend to step up, and respond sooner to a disaster callout.

Michigan Disaster Relief will continue to be represented at the Michigan Homeland Security Conference and the Michigan Emergency Managers Conference to demonstrate the areas that Disaster Relief can assist in and how to request assistance. Michigan Disaster Relief will also attend regional and national Disaster Relief roundtables to share best practices and resources.

For more information about Michigan Disaster Relief, visit



Bob Kiger serves as the Michigan Disaster Relief Director for the BSCM. He has been involved in Disaster Relief since 2008. Bob brings a wealth of diverse experience to the State Director’s position. His first major call out was in 2012 when he went to New York to help prepare meals for displaced residents after Hurricane Sandy. He was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ when he was twelve years old and has been a Baptist all his life.


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