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BSCM 2018 Annual Meeting Schedule

BSCM Annual Meeting – November 9, 2018

MORNING - Session 1

9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Presiding: Jerome Taylor, BSCM President

9:00 am Opening Music

Dan Dameron & Band, Chief Musicians

9:10 am Welcome & Prayer

James Walling, Grace Church Pastor

9:15 am Call to Order

Jerome Taylor

9:16 am Seating of Messengers

Roy Henry, BSCM Recording Secretary

9:18 am Approval of Agenda

Jason Robinson, BSCM Programming Team Chair

9:20 am BSCM Executive Director’s Report

Tim Patterson, BSCM Executive Director

9:45 am Michigan Baptist Foundation Report

David Roberts, MBF Chair

9:50 am 2018 Proposed Budget & Vote

Scott Blanchard, BSCM 1st Vice-President

10:00 am 1st Introduction of Motions

Roy Henry

10:10 am Committee on Resolutions Report

Eric Stewart, OneLife Church

10:15 am BSCM Executive Board Report

Roy Henry

10:25 am SBC President’s Greeting

J.D. Greear (Video)

10:30 am Bambi Lake Mission Report

Rick Bowen, Bambi Lake Advisory Team Chair

Michael Schatz, Director of Bambi Lake Spiritual Renewal & Retreat Ministries

10:45 am 2nd Introduction of Motions

Roy Henry

10:50 am LifeWay Christian Resources Report

Nancy Hefferon

10:55 am Women’s Ministry Report

Sue Hodnett, Women’s Ministry Director/WMU Director

11:00 am Congregational Worship

Dan Dameron & Band

11:15 am President’s Message

Jerome Taylor

12:00 pm Benediction

Luncheon Panel 12:15 – 1:45 pm

AFTERNOON - Session 2

2:00 p.m. – 4:00 pm

Presiding: Scott Blanchard, BSCM 1st VP

2:00 pm Opening Music

Dan Dameron & Band

2:10 pm Time of Prayer

2:15 pm Reading of Motions & Vote

Roy Henry

2:30 pm Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Report

Russell Moore, ERLC President

2:35 pm Election of Officers

Nominations & Election for President

Nominations & Election for 1st Vice-President

Nominations & Election for 2nd Vice-President

Nominations & Election for 1st Recording Secretary

Nominations & Election for 2nd Recording Secretary

2:45 pm Cooperative Program Report

Ashley Clayton

2:50 pm Seminaries Report

2:55 pm Guidestone Financial Resources Report

Mirachal Johnson

3:00 pm Michigan Disaster Relief Report

Bob Kiger, Michigan DR Director

3:10 pm Vote on Submitted Resolutions

Eric Stewart

3:15 pm Vote on Book of Reports

Roy Henry

3:20 pm Congregational Worship

Dan Dameron & Band

3:30 pm Executive Director’s Challenge

Tim Patterson

4:00 pm Benediction

EVENING - Session 3

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Presiding: Larry Johnson, BSCM 2nd Vice-President

6:00 pm Opening Music

Dan Dameron & Band

6:10 pm Time of Prayer

Ken Nether, Crossover Church

6:15 pm BSCM Church Sending

Kevin Hester, Church Sending Team Chair

Mike Durbin, BSCM Director of Evangelism

6:30 pm International Mission Board Report

Danny & Sherry, Central Asian Peoples Affinity

6:40 pm BSCM Church Strengthening

Mike Durbin, BSCM Director of Evangelism

6:55 pm North American Mission Board Report

Wayne Parker

7:05 pm SEND Detroit

Wayne Parker

7:15 pm BSCM Church Starting

Ken Render, Church Starting Team Chair

Tony Lynn,BSCM Director of Missions

7:30 pm Recognitions & Speaker Introduction

Tim Patterson, Pastors & Staff

7:40 pm Congregational Music

Dan Dameron & Band

8:05 pm Evening Message

Ken Whitten, Idlewild Baptist Church

9:00 pm Benediction & Adjournment


For more information about the 2018 BSCM Annual Meeting, visit


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