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Bambi Lake: a mission field

ROSCOMMON, MI – There are many places in Michigan that one can view the creativity of our almighty God. One, in particular, is Bambi Lake Baptist Conference Center and Campground. When my wife and I first visited five years ago, we were struck with the beauty of the lake, the trees, and the night sky. It allows you to grasp the awesomeness of our Creator and marvel at His glory. However, the glory of God does not end at the tree line and I would like to share with you how Bambi Lake ministers to Michigan and to the nations.

A large part of the ministry at Bambi is providing an opportunity for groups and individuals to come and experience God in a way that is meaningful and unique. This summer we were able to experience God’s spirit move through the lives of adults and teenagers alike. We had the opportunity to put on two weeks of summer camps for Michigan teens that we called Wild Week. During these two weeks, youth groups from all over the state came together to worship God and to hear His word. We had many that made decisions to follow Christ and dedicate their lives to live for the Lord. Although we only see some of these students once a year, we can praise God for allowing us to be a part of their spiritual journey.

Along with weeklong camps, Bambi Lake also hosts and produces weekend retreats. Throughout the year, you will find retreats for women, men, married couples, worship leaders, and youth. Themes can vary from being a simple getaway to a time of training and growing in your walk with Christ. A lot of times adults don’t have the luxury to take a week off of work for a retreat, and that is why weekend retreats are a wonderful opportunity for believers to come and be refreshed and rejuvenated in their walk with Christ. Our hope is that Bambi will not only be a place to experience God, but a place for believers to create long lasting friendships that extend beyond their time at Bambi Lake.

Finally, Bambi Lake is a mission field. Not only are their few churches in the area, but also many people who don’t know Christ. Bambi Lake has a 25-site campground that is open to the public year-round. Many of our campers are here for our events, but we do get some that are not, and that can produce an opportunity to share Christ. A unique situation happened this summer where our camp director Michael Schatz had the opportunity to share Christ with a young couple. This young couple was from Israel and on their honeymoon, traveling America. They happened to see our sign and decided to stop for lunch.

Although Bambi Lake is a private camp,an unexpected visitor is not uncommon, and we were curious who was visiting the camp. Michael approached them and asked who they were and where they were from, and in the midst of their conversation they asked what the cross that looks over the lake meant. This gave Michael an opportunity to share the gospel. Although they didn’t respond to the invitation to follow Christ, it showed us how Bambi Lake is a ministry that has kingdom impact, not only on churches in Michigan, but to people from all over the world.

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Brett Luker is a collegiate church planter at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI where he works with students to reach the lost for Christ. He serves as campus pastor for Jacob's Well on Campus Church.


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