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Why go to Jackson November 9th?

FENTON, MI – There are many important reasons why everyone of us should dedicate one day in November for a family reunion. Lord willing, I know where I will be on November 9th. Do you?

Some might go to Jackson for their stomachs. There is the 21-scoop Dare-to-be-Great-Sundae-Challenge at The Parlour found at 1401 Daniel Road in Jackson. Finish the mountain of ice cream by yourself in less than an hour, and your $49.99 is returned to you. You can share the 21-scoops, but don’t expect a refund. The parlour has been serving premium Michigan ice cream for over 100 years. Look at for more details. But let’s be honest, there are better reasons to make Jackson on the 9th of November.

Why go to Jackson on November 9th? Lostness

I can give you more than 10 million reasons. Research reports there are 9.9 million people living in Michigan and many more when we include our neighbors in Ontario. I count them as family, too. When we realize that 2/3’s of those surrounding us are without Christ, I know I need to go to Jackson. I want the monumental challenge to invade my thoughts. I want to feel my heart break again within my chest. I want tears to fall down over my cheeks while I worship with you, and weigh the task that is before us.

Why go to Jackson on November 9th? Gratitude

I want to express my gratitude to those of you who reach out to the lost, who disciple believers, who strengthen churches, who raise up leaders, who start new churches, and those who help others from across the globe to understand more about Christ. I want to shake your hand. I want to listen to your latest spiritual adventure. I want to hug you and pat you on the back. I want to listen as you sing in your loudest voice praising our Lord. Seeing you and being with you brings hope to my heart. Like the volley of an enduring fireworks display on a breezy Independence Day, your testimony shatters the crushing darkness.

Why go to Jackson on November 9th? Unique Vision

I want to see and hear how each one of us is making a unique spiritual difference in the region. Jim can be different than Larry. Sue can be different than Elaine. I cannot be anyone but me, but I want to be the best-me-possible in Jesus Christ. I want you to be the best-you-possible in Jesus Christ. I will not have a list of expectations nor a hidden grade sheet filled with “needs improvement” or “sufficient.” I want to hear about journeys, rough ones as well as the sweet rides. I want to pray with you, and you to pray with me. Each one of us fulfilling God’s calling in each of our special lives.

Why go to Jackson on November 9th? Call-to-Action

That night while I am driving east on I-94, after everything is over, I want my mind reeling with inspirational ideas that come from spending time with you. I want to recall the notes I will be taking as I listen to you share your stories. I want to hear Jamie’s voice filled with excitement as I hear her personal ideas and her calls-to-action from the day’s events. I want to believe that night will fill my soul with a stronger hope because we were together for that one day on November 9th.

Why go to Jackson on November 9th?

Because we are family and spending that one day with our Father can change eternity. I’ll be looking for you!

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Tony Lynn is the State Director of Missions for the Baptist State Convention of Michigan. Before coming on staff at the BSCM, Tony served as lead pastor for more than six years at Crosspoint Church in Monroe, Michigan. He and his wife, Jamie, also served with the International Mission Board in Africa and in Europe.


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