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Is your church legally prepared?

FENTON, MI – Across the country churches are experiencing religious liberty challenges. These legal challenges range from the use of church facilities, gender identity laws, getting equal access to government grants and property, employment regulations, and more. Legal issues like these can cause financial burdens for churches and potentially limit a church’s ability to spread the Gospel.

Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM) has partnered with ADF Church Alliance so that your church can get the proactive legal help it needs.

What is ADF Church Alliance?

ADF Church Alliance is a legal membership program launched by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). ADF has been involved in over 50 wins at the Supreme Court, including Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips’ case – Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. After more than two decades of advocating for religious liberty, they established the ADF Church Alliance in 2017 to help meet the specific legal needs of churches.

Benefits of ADF Church Alliance membership include:

  • Religious liberty audit: ADF attorneys review your church’s policies and bylaws to expose and correct areas where your church may be at risk for religious liberty legal issues.

  • Direct access to attorneys: Their legal team is available to answer your questions so you are not left wondering or worrying.

  • Pro bono legal representation: If needed, ADF Church Alliance will represent your church in litigation pertaining to religious freedom at no additional cost.

  • Resources: Through a members-only site and exclusive email updates, you can access resources to help you navigate religious liberty issues, learn about your rights, and more.

Why become a member?

BSCM is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to see lives transformed for Christ through Starting, Strengthening, and Sending churches. We joined ADF Church Alliance because religious freedom is crucial to executing our mission.

Your church can get affordable legal help and experience peace of mind knowing that you have a strong ally who is ready to help when legal issues arise. Because BSCM is a member of ADF Church Alliance, your church will get a 20% discount when you join.

  1. Join by completing the application here.

  2. Enter promo code BSCM20 in step two of the application for your 20% discount.

  3. Leave your legal burden behind today.

Thousands of churches have already joined. Don’t miss this opportunity to help prepare and protect your church – join today.


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