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The North American Mission Board has an agreement with Home Depot that when Southern Baptist Disaster Relief purchases material at Home Depot and uses the NAMB Pro XTRA number, they will receive a rebate at the end of the year. Last year NAMB received almost $400,000.

The Baptist State Convention of Michigan has a Pro XTRA number and a tax-exempt number so that BSCM can receive a Home Depot REBATE also! If you are purchasing material for your church or association, please use the Pro number 8107141955 and the BSCM tax-exempt number 38-156-1623. When you are asked for the job name, use your church or association name. In 2019 we will post the total refund BSCM received.


Bob Kiger serves as the Michigan Disaster Relief Director for the BSCM. He has been involved in Disaster Relief since 2008. Bob brings a wealth of diverse experience to the State Director’s position. His first major call out was in 2012 when he went to New York to help prepare meals for displaced residents after Hurricane Sandy. He was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ when he was twelve years old and has been a Baptist all his life.


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