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Mi Moment touching lives

ST. JOSEPH, MI – Church planter Kevin Hester was volunteering as a hole captain for the Senior PGA Championship tournament in Benton Harbor. One day he was standing by at a driving range as the golfers were practicing. Hester was wearing his MI Moment rubber bracelet as he watched.

MI Moment is a tool to help believers share their faith in a natural, un-intimidating way. It is specially designed for Michigan Christians, in that, it uses the state’s unique geography with the Upper Peninsula to illustrate the gap between humans and God. It goes on to explain that like the Mackinac Bridge, Jesus is the only way to overcome that gap. Hester helped develop the MI Moment tool along with the Baptist State Convention of Michigan (BSCM).

So the church planter was standing by as players were getting ready for the tournament, when one of them stopped what he was doing to ask Hester about his MI Moment bracelet. He answered the way he typically would with that opening question, by saying, “It is celebrating great moments in Michigan”, he added, “this is a pretty great moment, huh?” After a short conversation about other great moments, Hester told the man, “My greatest moment was when I accepted Jesus Christ into my life.” The two men continued to talk, and then right there on the driving range, the professional golfer prayed and asked Jesus into his life.

Hester says, “This man was 60-years old, and he said that no one had ever shared with him this message of salvation in his lifetime. I believe that every person needs a moment like that in their life, and many of them are just waiting for us to tell them about it.”

Some estimates say as few as 2% of believers have ever witnessed to another person. Hester is the pastor of The Shore Church in St. Joseph, and he has used the MI Moment tool to encourage members of his church who have been intimidated about sharing their faith. MI Moment has a number of different approaches to help Christians enter into conversations about Jesus.

Besides using the bracelets as conversation starters, willing witnesses can go to, and record a 2-3 minute audio or video to share their moment of accepting Jesus. They then can print MI-Moment business cards with a link to their testimony, and can pass out those cards to people they encounter.

For more information about Mi-Moment, just go to


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