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The Power of One in print

FENTON, MI – Baptist churches across Michigan are receiving their print version of the Baptist Beacon. This 28-page full color magazine illustrates the Baptist State Convention of Michigan’s (BSCM) emphasis of this year’s theme “The Power of One”. And there is a companion video on the BSCM website, that explains the vision for the theme. BSCM Executive Director, Dr. Tim Patterson says, “The power of one manifests itself in the power to change lives, communities, churches and the world.” Patterson adds, “The power of one when joined with the power of another, results in an exponential, ever expanding force that is unlimited in potential.” This issue of the Baptist Beacon highlights many of the areas of ministry within the state including the three primary goals of “starting, strengthening, sending.” The Starting articles share stories of friendship, prayer and new beginnings as ways to bring new congregations to communities where there weren’t any. It also includes updates and challenges for the effort of church planting in Michigan’s largest urban center, Detroit. The Strengthening articles cover a number of events from 2017 that are impacting the ministries of existing churches as they move into this new year, and highlights a number big events the BSCM is hosting in 2018 that are anticipated to expand the ministries of our Michigan churches for years to come. The Baptist Beacon focuses on the Mi Moment tool that the BSCM has unveiled in recent months. This Michigan-centric approach to sharing the Gospel gives believers in our state a unique, comfortable way to discuss their faith. The Sending portion of the magazine points out the many areas where Michigan Baptists are leaving their churches to go and share the Good News. The articles highlight the ministries of Disaster Relief that are helping victims both here in our state and across the country. The impact of BSCM’s Women’s Ministry team, and a special story about the an African-American led international mission trip to St. Croix. Patterson says, “Our hope is that this print version of the Baptist Beacon will enrich the understanding about the our mission and “The Power of One” emphasis to Michigan Baptists across our state.”

To view a PDF of the print magazine, click here.


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