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The legacy of Bambi Lake

ROSCOMMON, MI – It is not by chance as Bambi Lake nears its 60 year anniversary that people are being drawn back to the roots of their faith experiences. Only God can orchestrate such events that bring meaning to those from the past, while instilling God’s grace and design for those working in the present. We wonder what God is doing here. What is drawing so many people from past to come to Bambi Lake? They come to walk where they walked as a young child. “It has been a strange few weeks,” says Janice Fuller. “I can’t remember any time that this has happened so frequently.”

These are the early steps of their Christian walk; as a GA, as a college student on mission for the summer, as a boy watching his father build the new Cafeteria, as a previous employee, as a volunteer who spent the summers helping at camp, and on and on. Their memories are so vivid and bring such delight as they walk around sharing how things used to look, and how much the camp has grown and changed.

With tears in her eyes, one lady reminisced of being in the original chapel. She was reminded of cool days and needing to grab a sweatshirt. More memories triggered as we walked out the door. How many pictures of groups at camp have been taken on the steps of the Hubbs lodge by the water? There is excitement as they see the Wilson Building with its Worship Center and Cafeteria, the cabins and chalets, the changes to the lodge as it has evolved since the beginning days of camp. They love the new water slide that is underway. As the vision is shared to make the gym into a multi-season activity center, to renovate the cottage for a center for a small group retreats, to put café tables in JBs for a casual “shake shop” feel, to build small cabins in the campground to house families, and more. The anticipation grows. The potential of Bambi Lake is growing.

Events need to be great, too. So, looking forward, Bambi has scheduled some fabulous events for 2018. A Comedy of Love Retreat for married couples will be held in April with Michael Smalley from the Smalley Institute. With the addition of an outdoor stage to be built in the area near the Lodge parking, there will be outdoor gospel concerts. On Saturday, May 26, during the Memorial Day Camping Weekend, the gospel concert day will be topped off with The Martins in concert at 7:00 pm. On the Fourth of July, Karen Peck and New River will be performing in the evening as well as many local gospel groups.

Our other scheduled events include the men’s retreats, women’s retreats, youth retreats, summer camps, all with excellent, featured speakers and new amenities. Linens-sheets, blankets and towels will be provided no matter where you are staying. Guests will be pleased with the new approaches in the dining room, too. Event planners are being encouraged to choose the menu and serve family style dinners when possible. Registration is easier with online deposits. If you cannot register online for any reason, call the office for assistance. And when you arrive, stop by the Coffee Bar for coffee and a cookie as you check in.

The staff is anticipating your arrival with many preparations and prayer. The best success is when visitors come with minimal distractions, and hear God speak.

Bambi Lake has a great heritage. God is moving in some very special ways. The camp is changing and improving because of the gifts and support of Michigan Baptists. The legacy of Bambi Lake is and has always been transformed lives.

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Nancy Spears is a ministry assistant for the Baptist State Convention of Michigan and serves on the council for Michigan’s Women’s Missionary Union (WMU). She is member of Anchor Community Church in Grand Rapids where she has served as event coordinator for ten years. God has blessed her with an understanding and supportive husband of 42 years, children and grandchildren.


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