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RENOVATE: Coming in 2018

ORLANDO, FL – Do you have a passion to see your church revitalized? Then the Michigan Renovate Church Revitalization Conference is for you!

The Renovate National Church Revitalization Conference is coming to Michigan for two One-Day strategic conferences across the Baptist State Convention of Michigan March 22 & 24, 2018. The Renovate Annual Conference launched in 1997 and now is the largest gathering of pastors, church revitalizers, and laity meeting on church revitalization and renewal anywhere in the country. Beginning in 2014, Dr. Tom Cheyney the Founder and Directional Leader of the Renovate Group began offering additional conferences all across the United States as one-day events, and the response has been incredible. In conjunction with Mike Durbin, the State Director of Evangelism who focuses on Strengthening Churches, the Renovate Conference will partner with the convention to help churches all over Michigan. The two Renovate One-Day Conferences are a great place to start your church revitalization efforts and get the tools you need for revitalizing your church. In a day where it is reported that more than ninety percent of protestant churches in North America are in decline, the time for such a conference across Michigan is urgent.

Church Revitalization is a movement within protestant evangelicalism, which emphasizes the missional work of turning a plateau or rapidly declining church around, and moving it back towards growth. It is lead through a Church Revitalization Initiative, which is when a local church begins to work on the renewal of the church with a concerted effort to see the ministry revitalized and the church become healthy. Church Revitalization means that the local church knew how, at one time previously, to renew, revitalize, and re-establish the health and vitality of the ministry. One of the challenges for the laity in the days in which we live, is that they have lost the knowledge of church renewal and no longer want to cultivate the skill sets necessary to see their church experience revitalization. Even sadder is when a congregation does not have the corporate memory that there was a day when the local church was reaching people for Christ Jesus and active as evangelistic witnesses into their community.

Renovate is more than a conference, it is a movement of church revitalizers, both laity and ministerial, committed to learning, growing, changing, and leading change. This church revitalization conference is designed to connect, inspire, equip, and challenge church revitalizers.

To register for the Renovate conference, visit



Dr. Tom Cheyney is the Founder and Directional Leader of RENOVATE National Church Revitalization Conference. Cheyney also serves as the Executive Director of Missions, Greater Orlando Baptist Association. Tom is a nationally recognized conference leader in church revitalization. He has taught all over the world and is the author of: Slaying the Dragons of Church Revitalization: Dealing with the Critical Issues that are Hurting Your Church, as well as countless others. Dr. Cheyney lives in Orlando with his wife Cheryl, Florida.


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